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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Forklift For Material Handling

Multiway Robotics, one of the top AGV companies in automated warehouse robots markets, provides comprehensive intelligent manufacturing and storage solutions for hardware vectors, combined with flexible intelligent visual systems, visualized upper management systems, platform-based cloud operation and maintenance systems.

Nowadays, many warehousing and logistics managers still rely on manual forklifts to move materials and packages. Multiway will show you how autonomous forklift robots can help companies optimize resources and improve operational safety. As one of the top AGV autonomous forklift companies, Multiway's AGV autonomous guided vehicles solution can turn your manual forklift into an automated AGV forklift for a competitive price. This platform is a market-tested, flexible and expandable software and hardware solution. And it can be upgraded to an automatic driving forklift while still retaining the function of manual driving. Moreover, users can usually recover their investment automated guided vehicle costs in about 1-2 years. Multiway robotics can be your trustworthy autonomous forklift companies partner, our auto forklifts are of high quality at a competitive price. Inquiry automated guided vehicle price now.

  • Positioning Accuracy: primary positioning accuracy witin ±5mm, secondary positioning accuracy within ±2mm.

  • Better efficiency: maximum operating speed 3m/s, efficiency is 20% -30% higher than the average.

  • Higher Lifting Capacity: the high-capacity of the high-capacity industry is up to 10M.

  • Narrow Aisle Usage: the narrowest aisle is only 1.8m, which can increase 30% - 40% warehouse storage space.

  • Stable Operation: MTBF reaches more than 720h.

AGV Forklift Robots Types

As an important tool for automated transportation and handling, AGV autonomous intelligent guided vehicle has become more and more widely used in recent years. According to the transfer method, common AGV vehicle types are listed follows: Latent AGV, Backpack AGV, Forklift auto AGV, Heavy-duty AGV, Towed AGV and box AGV.

Pallet Truck

Pallet Stacker

Reach Truck

Counterbalanced Stacker

VNA Truck

AGV Forklift Robot FAQs

  • What is AGV in material handling? What is AGV in material handling?

    What is AGV in material handling?

    AGV forklift robots are mainly used in the workshop, the raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products and other scenes and other scenes, vertically, lower rage and cargo loading and unloading. The material handling AGV autonomous forklift is a special conveying equipment that can realize the transfer and conveying of goods. The auto guide vehicle unmanned forklift is equipped with an automated guided vehicle system, which can ensure that the system can automatically drive along a predetermined route without manual piloting, and automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination. Multiway unmanned forklift will bring great profit for your material handling, inquriy our automated guided vehicle price.

  • What AGV Forklift Robot should you buy? What AGV Forklift Robot should you buy?

    What AGV Forklift Robot should you buy?

    Laser navigation positioning, no need to change the site work environment, and integrated solution helps significantly drop its effect and provide sustained value. Choose the appropriate AGV truck transport according to these factors: the length, width, height and weight of the materials to be transported, box or bulk, temperature, odor, and whether there is toxic hazard. You can choose a slightly larger one, otherwise it will bring some difficulty to the handling work if it is too small. Multiway robotics unmanned forklift can offer your high competitive bulk AGV robot price. 

  • How does the AGV Forklift Robot Safety System work? How does the AGV Forklift Robot Safety System work?

    How does the AGV Forklift Robot Safety System work?

    Safety sensor, control system double protection, support laser radar, anti-collision strip, 3D visual, photoelectric sensing, sound and light warning, etc. 360 ° all-round protection, so you will safely. One of the main advantages of Multiway robotics AGV forklift robot is that they will not damage people or infrastructure. AGV auto forklift is safer than traditional manual forklifts. AGV automation possesses sensors covering the maximum moving width or length direction to prevent contact between the load and any obstacles. Inquiry multiway robotics wholesale AGV forklift price today.

  • What are typical AGV navigation methods? What are typical AGV navigation methods?

    What are typical AGV navigation methods?

    AGV automotive can use different types of navigation technologies to move. Laser guidance, route guidance, visual guidance and geographical guidance are four major AGV navigation methods. Multiway robotics can be your grear autonomous forklift companies partner.

  • What is the automated guided vehicle price? What is the automated guided vehicle price?

    What is the automated guided vehicle price?

    In Europe and America, the stand-alone price of a laser-guided rear-fork AGV is about 1.2 million RMB, which is equivalent to the salary cost of 3.5 workers a year. In China, because of the severe homogeneity competition and uneven product quality, the AGV forklift price range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions. Multiway robotics‘s agv forklift price in bulk directly from factory. Contact us if you have any interests!

    • The counterbalanced forklift AGV is composed of a driving/steering front wheel and two directional wheels. It is suitable for transporting various pallets, boxes or paper rolls and other handling materials, and can meet load units of different sizes.

    • These Unit Load Deck AGV in robotics can carry 1 to 8 units of goods to and from conveyors, supports, end-of-line equipment (palletizers, packaging machines, robots), and automated storage and retrieval systems (as /RSs) at once.

    • Tugger AGVS has the highest capacity of the AGV vehicle type that can be used for material transportation when compared with traditional forklifts.

    • Automatic Trailer Loading (ATL) AGVs can make trailer loading and unloading or semi-trailers loads and unloads automatically , reaching up to four pallets at a time.

    • Hybrid AGV (also called dual-purpose AGV) combines standard KION series (STILL, Linde or Baoli) forklifts with Dematic automation components. The result is a fully functional AGV that can be controlled manually when needed.

    • Custom AGV can be designed for almost any material handling requirement-from side-lifted load transportation to 25,000 pounds of paper to the cheese rack and further 180 degree rotation. You determine the exact vehicle type and uses our standard controls and off-the-shelf components to design custom solutions.