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A Leading Intelligent Intralogistics Solution Provider


Multiway Robotics, a leading intelligent intralogistics solution provider, with the mission of "Establish a new and efficient employment mode", is dedicated to drive continuous upgrades in social productive forces.

Global headquarter and laboratory are located in Shenzhen, China, with production facilities in Hefei. Multiway has also established subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and more, extending business, operations, and services to 30+ countries and regions worldwide.

Focusing on advanced robotics and AI technology, Multiway Robotics is committed to delivering cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics solutions to our customers. Multiway offers a comprehensive, integrated innovation delivery platform and solutions, ranging from core sensors and algorithms to self-developed unmanned forklifts and upper-level control systems. Hardware products include a full range of unmanned forklifts and four-way shuttle, while software systems encompass Multiway Cloud, WMS, RCS, WCS, on-site management systems, and various visual solutions.

After successfully delivering numerous benchmark projects in industries such as factories, warehousing, and logistics, Multiway has become a trusted and ongoing collaborative partner for many industry-leading customers.

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Company Culture Company Culture

Company Culture

Provide complete intelligent solutions to meet the requirements of customizated needs and special working environments with industry-leading high-efficiency, high-flexibility, and high-scalability
  • Our Mission

    To create a new and efficient employment mode
    Our Mission
  • Our Vision

    A leading intelligent intralogistics solution provider
    Our Vision
  • Our Values

    Aspirational, Courageous, Hard-working
    Focus on the ultimate, continuous innovation, result-oriented
    Our Values


Efficient and lean management helps realize multi-dimensional leaps and leads the industry
The team of Multiway Robotics was established.
The first project with 16 automated pallet jacks was delivered and put in use. Autonomous forklifts were fully developed and released to the market.
New subsidiaries were established: Suzhou Office in East China, Changsha Office in Central China, and Shenyang Office in Northeast China.
Multiway Robotics debuted at CeMAT Asia Logistics Exhibition. It started to commercialize the products and business.
We released machine vision solution and the industry's first "Pallet Gesture Recognition" technology.
Led by "Meihua Venture Capital", "Plug and Play" co-invested in Series A financing of tens of millions of yuan for Multiway Robotics.
Multiway Robotics received the CE certificate from the EU authority, established an overseas operation center, and accelerated its global presence.
Multiway Robotics went to the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition with a full range of models and released the all-in-one smart intralogistics solution.
We released the world's first "Counterbalanced MW-E series" automatic forklifts.
Multiway Robotics completed tens of millions yuan of Sereies A+ funding which was led by "Xintian Venture Capital" and followed by shareholders "Meihua Venture Capital" and "Plug and Play".
We released the world's first, unique patented, new form of unmanned forklift "Multiway α1".
Multiway Robotics finished the A2 financing round led by China Creation Ventures (CCV), with more than 100 million yuan funds.
The innovative new form of unmanned forklift Multiway α1 won the "German Red Dot Award", one of the world's three major design awards.
We released the "Smart Pallet Shuttle MW-Z1", "Wefront X20", and the flexible visual solution "Sky Horizon System", adding more types of product and solution.
Hundreds of automated forklifts were signed for a single project, a breakthrough in project value of more than 10 million yuan.
We released the automated forklift solution for cold storage and solved the application problems at - 30°C.
The automatic forklift "Multiway X1", which was the world's first out-of-the-box and ready-to-use product, was released in the market.
Multiway Robotics completed the B-round financing of nearly 200 million yuan, led by Huaye Tiancheng, followed by Jinfeng Borun, and continued by Xintian Venture Capital.
We released a new form of unmanned forklift "Multiway α2" with integrated functions. It improved the efficiency by carrying two packages at one time.
Multiway Robotics was on the "2022 Shenzhen High-growth Enterprise TOP100 List" (ranked 10th, 1st in the field of robotics).
The national tour of exchange meetings with ecological partners was launched and the Jinan exhibition hall opened.
Multiway Robotics participated at Kansai Logistics Exhibition in Japan and LogiMAT Exhibition in Germany. The global business of the company accelerated to grow.
Two subsidiaries were established in Tokyo, Japan and in Seoul, South Korea.
The subsidiary MULTIWAY ROBOTICS USA INC. was established in Atlanta, United States.

Global Business

Global Business
Global Business

Overseas Service Coverage

A local subsidiary and showroom established in Atlanta, USA 20+ core agencies covering business in different regions

Business in Europe

Entered 10+ markets in Europe Projects delivered in the UK, Spain, Germany and others

Business in Japan and South Korea

Local subsidiaries and showrooms set up in Japan and South Korea Support for distribution and quick response for after-sales

A smart intralogistics infrastructure platform based on unmanned forklifts
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Honor & Certificates

Authoritative Awards recognized by the industry
  • 2022

    2022 "Jiazi 20" High-Tech Enterprise with the Most Commercial Potential

  • 2022 Innovative & Excellent Technical Service Provider

    2022 Innovative & Excellent Technical Service Provider

  • 2022

    2022 "High-tech Golden Globe Award for Innovative Products"

  • 2022年度“全球最值得关注的AGV企业”—劢微机器人

    2022 "The World's Most Noteworthy AGV Enterprise"

  • 2022 True List·Top 10 Chinese Technology Innovative Robot Brands

    2022 True List·Top 10 Chinese Technology Innovative Robot Brands

  • T0P50 high-tech high-growth emerging enterprises in 2022

    T0P50 high-tech high-growth emerging enterprises in 2022

  • 2022

    2022 "The 11th LT China Logistics Innovation Product Award"

  • 2022

    2022 "German Red Dot Product Design Award"

  • Information Security Management System Certificate

    Information Security Management System Certificate

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

  • 欧盟自贸区国家市场通行证CE证书_劢微机器人

    EU Free Trade Area National Market Pass CE Certificate

  • 深圳市“专精特新”企业_劢微机器人

    Shenzhen "Professional, Special and New" Enterprise

  • 国家高新技术企业

    National High-Tech Enterprise