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With Development and Change, Innovation and Empowerment, Multiway Robotics is Listed on the 36Kr 2021 City New Power

On July 13, 2021, the "Future City Science and Technology Summit" hosted by 36Kr was grandly held in Shanghai. Industry-university-research experts, solution experts, 5G application representatives, investors who focus on investing in to B ecology, and technology companies with the most development potential in the industry jointly focused on the prospects of future cities under the new economy!

Multiway Robotics is an important part of the urban technology industry chain, future and intelligent logistics, as well as a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, the CMO of which, Wang Chuanlong, was invited to attend this technology summit. He shared the intelligent logistics solutions of the Multiway Robotics in food, medicine, new energy, automobile, building materials and other fields to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

1. Development achievements of Multiway Robotics

In the past year, using unmanned forklift, AMR, and AGV tractor as hardware carriers, and empowered by machine vision and complete upper-level systems, Multiway Robotics has provided customers with integrated solutions to help them significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, and continue to create value. In the food, medicine, new energy, automobile and other industries, we have cooperated with many leading customers in the industry, and realized interconnection with other logistics equipment and storage equipment to achieve the flexibility of the plan, the high quality of the products, the stabilization of the system, the management of the whole site equipment and information flow, developing from the single product to a systematic application, and achieving overall optimization.

A major breakthrough has been made in the research and development of differentiated vision system technology. For complex application scenarios, "storage location detection", "pallet posture recognition", "multi-layer storage cage stacking", "high-level storage", "cargo size measurement", "unmanned visual inventory" and other core application scenario technologies have been developed, greatly improving the flexibility of solutions, reducing customer costs, improving customer return on investment and user experience, and making unmanned industrial vehicles smarter. At present, technologies based on differentiated scenarios such as "clamping and telescoping", "unmanned loading" and other technologies are also commercially implemented in a higher speed.

2. Why do people choose Multiway Robotics?

The Multiway Robotics provides platform-based empowerment by building a trinity platform of cloud system, upper-level system, and basic hardware, which evolves together, giving unmanned forklift, AMR automated mobile robot, and unmanned tractor high-speed motion and intelligent capabilities. Through machine vision, it can give rise to various flexible environment capabilities, intelligent AMR robot cluster scheduling and storage location management, provide functions such as rapid deployment of standard products, remote operation and maintenance, prediction and monitoring of system condition, collection and analysis of operation data, and continuous iteration and upgrade.

The software systems include MW Cloud Platform, MW RCS Multiway dispatch system, MW WMS Multiway warehouse management system, MW WCS Multiway equipment control system, and MW Horizons Multiway vision system. The upper-level system manages the equipment and information of the whole site, can realize the docking with the customer's overall MES, ERP and other management systems, handle customer-related business, and realize data analysis and transparent and visual management of information. And it can predict and monitor the system status in an all-round way to ensure the system is healthy. The MW RCS Multiway dispatch system can simultaneously support hundreds of vehicles of different models to run together on the same site, quickly plan the optimal route, realize the overall optimal navigation route planning, complete the task in the shortest time, and ensure the highest efficiency operation.

"Creating a new and efficient employment model" is the mission of Multiway Robotics. At this "Future City Science and Technology Summit", Multiway Robotics, as the technology company with the most development potential in the to B industry, was listed on the 36Kr "2021 city new power" list. With development and transformation, innovation and empowerment, Multiway Robotics will continue to help customers in various industries solve the pain points of manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics, and realize the upgrading and transformation of logistics automation. Together with you, Multiway Robotics will move into the future.

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