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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Turnover Handling | Multi Station + Multi Vehicle Cooperation + SLAM Navigation

Customer overview

  • Domestic well-known listed companies specializing in power technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, engineering services.

  • Business covers power, new energy, metallurgy, rail transit, petrochemical, coal, port, data center and other industries.

Turnover Handling | Multi Station + Multi Vehicle Cooperation + SLAM Navigation
Project Background
  • Material handling: power devices.

  • Project scenario: raw materials and semi-finished products go online, finished products go offline.

  • Handling process: AMR carrier + material, unmanned forklift carrier + material.

  • Product selection: pallet type unmanned forklift MW-T20 + laser SLAM-AMR MW-C05.

  • System configuration: Dispatching System RCS + WMS system.

Project Difficulties
  • Cost input: two shifts of personnel are reversed, repetitive and invalid walking operations and cost increases year after year.

  • Information exchange: the information of the warehouse ingredients and the production line is not available, and the regular and quantitative distribution cannot be achieved.

  • Impact of cargo damage: manual operation is difficult to supervise, and cargo damage is more serious.

  • 5S demand: irregular materials placed manually.

Project Value
  • Reduce 4 Workers
  • 13% Efficiency
  • Visual Management
  • All Round Security

Project Scenarios

Turnover Handling
Turnover Handling

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