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The Role of AGV Forklift System

1. AGV unmanned forklift robot system

The core design of the AGV is its main control unit. Several important technical indicators such as the driving, guidance, detection and obstacle avoidance of the whole vehicle all depend on the quality of the main control unit. The control system with interference and stability requirements will make the forklift AGV more intelligent.

(1) AGV drive technology. The stable driving signal can make the forklift AGV maintain a steady speed during operation, which is very helpful to the safety of the body and the load. The suitable system and flexible drive technology can enable the AGV auto forklift to make adjustments quickly and accurately and smoothly return from deviation from the standard route to the correct driving route.

(2) AGV guidance and positioning technology. Only with a set of high-performance guidance and positioning technology can the entire forklift AGV system be operated autonomously, otherwise it will deviate from the scheduled route and fail to reach the destination.

(3) AGV information detection obstacle technology. In the process of driving along the predetermined route, if people, objects, other forklifts and other obstacles are encountered, the AGV forklift should be able to autonomously judge the current situation and implement emergency braking, or bypass to ensure its own safety.

(4) AGV's own safety guarantee technology. When the AGV forklift is interfered by external factors or is slightly impacted, if the entire system is still running, then it should be able to make adjustments in time to return to the correct predetermined route before, and to ensure that the car body and cargo cannot be damaged when it is subject to a certain degree of collision, which means that the safety protection performance must be strong enough.

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2. Which companies need to introduce unmanned forklift robot more?

(1) The harsh environment is worth introducing AGV forklifts

It is well known that there are many types of production enterprises whose environment is very harsh, so it is difficult to find workers in these places, the mobility is also very high, and it is very prone to safety accidents and occupational diseases. The introduction of AGV auto forklifts can not only replace manual operations in dangerous and harsh environments but also reduce safety accidents and reduce unnecessary losses for enterprises.

(2) Enterprises with high-load logistics handling operations are worth introducing AGV forklifts

Friends who have known AGV forklifts will know very well that the handling efficiency of an AGV forklift is the efficiency of at least 3 ordinary workers. It can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption, and the AGV forklift will never be tired, has no need to rest and no need for holidays, which is a real super porter.

(3) Production companies with dangerous processes are worth introducing AGV auto forklifts

Nowadays, there are many enterprises with dangerous environments. In a dangerous environment, safety production must be put in the first place. In this dangerous type of enterprise, AGV forklifts can reduce the number of employees and replace employees to work, and thus personnel safety is guaranteed.

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