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The Logistics Competition in the Food Manufacturing Industry is Serious, How Can Robot Companies Improve Their Competitiveness?

At present, the overall development speed of the robot industry is very fast. Robot companies must have a team of professionals in order to stand out in the future competition.

According to Ye Xianming, the core team of Multiway are veterans from the fields of robotics, unmanned driving, and integrated logistics. They have successfully deployed more than 100 projects and have deep practical experience and understanding of remote sensing scenarios in various industries.

Ye Xianming recalled that the first customer of Multiway Robot was a company selling health care products. The entire usage scene covered more than 40,000 square meters, and the packaged products needed to be transported and put into storage. The customer environment is relatively special, and positioning and navigation is very difficult. Before Multiway, two robot manufacturers have tried to provide services, but ended in failure.

"After receiving the project, we prepared the required software systems for the scene party, such as the resource scheduling system, etc. These systems have played a great role in optimizing the equipment navigation path planning. In the end, we made 16 wireless The human forklift successfully achieved smooth operation in the field and won the first project."

In fact, we believe that no matter whether it is a start-up company or not, in order to gain customer recognition, we must think from the perspective of customers and provide good customer service.


1. What should AGV industrial robot companies do?

In fact, what customers care about most is nothing more than two points, the return on investment and the experience of using the product.

What robot companies need to do is to deeply cultivate the industry, always focus on the core needs of customers to solve their urgent and long-term needs, and continue to create value for customers.

For example, in the pre-sale link, emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of the characteristics of customers and the needs of end customers; in the sales link, emphasis is placed on professional implementation capabilities; in the after-sales link, emphasis is placed on the construction of an after-sales system and the ability to respond quickly. But just doing this, robot companies are not enough to build their own barriers to competition, but also need to master the ability to develop core technologies.

Ye Xianming introduced that the key core modules involved in positioning (such as navigation, motion control, scheduling, etc.), as well as artificial intelligence fusion technology, have achieved the construction of leading technical barriers.

2. The core competitiveness of agv industrial robot enterprises

In fact, robot companies need to build their own core competitiveness, which can be summarized as the following four points:

First, the continuous innovation of enterprises.

For example, the "Mai Zhe Lun α1" robot released by Multiway can realize the handling of two pallets of goods at one time, and the investment of a single vehicle can generate double income.

Second, the whole product system covers the whole scene solution.

Multiway has created the most complete series of unmanned forklift product matrix in the industry, which can provide customers with solutions for various scenarios.

Third, the continuous stability of products and technologies.

Through strict quality control, Mowei ensures the stability of the car body and system.

Fourth, breakthroughs in core algorithms.

Multiway has also upgraded the core algorithm, increasing the working height of the unmanned forklift to 10 meters or even higher, the positioning accuracy can reach ±5 mm for primary positioning, and the secondary positioning accuracy can reach 2 mm.

In addition, in order to enhance the environmental perception capability of unmanned forklifts, Multiway has also developed the Sky Eye system, which can realize storage location detection; at the same time, there are some functions such as unmanned loading and unloading vehicles, which have improved the flexibility of its overall solution.

In addition, at the price level, because many lidars in the market need to be imported, the price is very expensive, resulting in the high cost of robots. Therefore, through self-developed radar, Multiway not only meets the actual demand, but also reduces the cost.

These software and hardware are the core of Multiway building its own moat, so similar robot companies also need to build their own moats in order to have the opportunity to compete with other robot companies.

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