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The Characteristic Application and Structural Composition of the Handling Robot

The handling robot is an industrial robot that can perform automated handling operations. It is widely used in the automatic handling of machine tools, automatic production lines of stamping machines, automatic assembly lines, palletizing and handling, and containers.

Because the handling limit in some industrial fields has exceeded the limit of manual handling, handling robots can fundamentally solve this problem.

In addition, the handling robot can be equipped with different end effectors to complete various handling tasks, which can save a lot of manpower. The industrial robots developed and manufactured by modern science and technology can replace humans in industrial production to do monotonous, frequent, and repetitive mechanical properties. They can work for a long time to reduce the burden on humans. The industrial robot through programming makes its operation accuracy and labor intensity greatly surpass humans and can meet the tasks that humans cannot satisfy.

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Ⅰ. The characteristics of the handling robot

1. High positioning accuracy of 0.1~0.5mm;

2. The execution speed is flexible and controllable;

3. High safety factor;

4. Strong stability and high work efficiency;

5. Meet a variety of material handling needs.

Ⅱ. The structure of the handling robot

The handling robot system is mainly composed of two parts: the robot body and the end effector.

The robot body can be divided into two parts according to function. One part is the operation body structure, which is similar to a human arm and wrist, and the other part is a mobile body structure, which mainly realizes the mobile function.

The hand of a robot used in industry is generally called an end effector, which is a part directly used by the robot to grasp and hold a special tool for operation. The handling robot can be applied to various industrial scenarios by customizing the design of the robot end-effector according to the actual work content.

Now as the scenes of robot handling applications become more and more complex, many handling robot systems have begun to be equipped with visual recognition systems. The visual recognition system generally erects a 2D/3D camera above the workpiece to take pictures and recognize the workpiece. Some vision systems are directly integrated into the robot end effector to meet the needs of production scenarios such as sorting, assembly, and out-of-order grabbing.

Ⅲ. The applications of handling robot

Handling robots have a wide range of applications in e-commerce logistics, food production, machine tool loading and unloading, 3C, casting, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

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