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The Application of AGV Forklift and the Conditions for Achieving Obstacle Avoidance Navigation

With the increase in automation, the production methods of the traditional manufacturing industry have undergone profound changes. Production has transitioned from a single fixed method to a flexible production line with strong adaptability.

In order to save costs and improve economic efficiency, advanced production methods such as flexible manufacturing systems and automated warehousing systems have been widely used. They use highly intelligent systems as the decision-making center and robots, automated warehouses, and unmanned trucks as their main equipment. Among them, the AGV auto forklift is very popular among unmanned handling equipment. It integrates advanced technologies such as electronic computer science, image signal processing, and automatic control. It is the key equipment of modern logistics systems and flexible production organization systems. Inquiry Multiway robotics for automated guided vehicle price.

Ⅰ. Applications of AGV forklift

The AGV forklift picks the goods in the optimal path by locating the product position, and automatically sends the goods to the designated workbench position. It has been widely used in logistics warehousing and flexible production lines.

The application scenarios of AGV forklift are complicated when actually transferring goods, and many safety-related scenarios will be encountered. For example, when the AGV auto forklift encounters falling goods or other obstacles on the driving path, if the AGV forklift cannot stop in time, it will cause both parties to suffer dammage at the same time. When multiple forklift AGVs are operating at the same time, it may not be possible to stop in time and cause the AGV forklift to collide.

In order to enable AGV forklift to operate more safely in a complex environment, it is necessary to obtain information about static or dynamic obstacles on its route to achieve emergency braking or avoid obstacles.

Ⅱ. The necessary conditions for AGV forklift to achieve obstacle avoidance navigation

It is mainly environmental perception. In an unknown or partially unknown environment, obstacle avoidance requires real-time acquisition of surrounding environment information through sensors, including obstacle size, shape, and location.

In order to maximize the automatic obstacle avoidance and positioning and navigation accuracy of AGV forklift in uncertain environments, the robot uses laser SLAM+ inverse positioning and navigation technology combined with self-developed algorithms to improve the autonomous positioning, motion control and obstacles of AGV auto forklift so as to realize the automatic handling of warehouse goods in complex scenes.

In addition, the robot also uses an independent safety system to ensure that the AGV auto forklift operates safely, stably and efficiently in a human-machine mixed environment in an industrial scene through a three-level safety guarantee system.

Multiway Robotics uses the unmanned forklift/AMR as the hardware platform, through machine vision and comprehensive upper-level system empowerment, to provide customers with integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing.

Hardware products include various unmanned forklifts and AMR. Software systems include WMS, WCS, field management systems, and various visualization solutions. Our company has successively implemented a number of benchmark projects in autonomous forklift companies markets, warehousing, logistics and other industries, and has become a trusted partner of many leading companies. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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