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Take A Look at The Automatic Guided Vehicle

1. What is the AGV?

AGV is the acronym of Automatic Guided Vehicle, which in Chinese means "Zi Dong Dao Ying Che". AGV is the key equipment in the automated logistics transportation system and flexible production system and plays an important role in the automated logistics warehouse. AGV is not only automatic equipment but also belongs to the category of mobile robot through access to the AGV system. The reason why it is called an automatic guided vehicle is that the name is consistent with its image. The AGV industry is booming in recent years. Multiway robotics is one of the top AGV companies, we supply VNA AGV, AGV stacker, AGV forklift and robot pallet mover.

2. AGV's technical key points.

A fully functional AGV system usually consists of three parts: a walking mechanism, a sensing system and a control system. The walking mechanism is the basis of the AGV movement, which determines the AGV movement space and freedom. The sensing system determines its navigation mode, and the mainstream uses laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, magnetic sensors, CCD cameras, infrared sensors or GPS positioning. There are many different kinds of AGV factories in China. In recent years, the rapid development of computer technology, artificial intelligence and sensor measurement and control technology makes AGV more intelligent and humanized, which makes AGV improve towards the direction of intelligent robots.

3. AGV's structural system.

AGV trolley body: the body is composed of the frame and the corresponding mechanical devices, which is the basic part of AGV and the installation base of other assembly parts.

AGV car battery and charging device: AGV car usually uses 24V or 48V DC battery as power. Battery power supply generally should be guaranteed to work continuously for more than 8 hours.

Driving device: The driving device of AGV is composed of a wheel, reducer, brake, driving motor and speed controller, etc. It is the device to control the normal operation of AGV.

AGV on-board controller: accept and execute the instructions from the control center, and feedback its status (such as position, speed, etc.) to the control center in time.

Communication device: realize the information exchange between AGV, ground control station and ground monitoring equipment.

AGV safety protection device: the safety system includes the protection of AGV itself, the protection of people or other equipment, etc. Multiple safety protection: active safety protection device and passive safety protection device.

4. The application of AGV

The logistics handling AGV is mainly used in the automatic logistics warehouse, which can be connected with the automatic rolling conveyor line to achieve automatic loading and unloading of goods, and agv tractor, automatic pallet lifter can automatically transport goods to the specified location according to a certain path trajectory.  And we also need to pay attention to AGV robot price

AGV is very versatile. It is not special equipment for a certain industry but can be used for handling operations in almost any industry. The AGV body can be personalized-designed according to the characteristics of the industry to meet different requirements.

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