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Success of the IPEF Food Exhibition: Popular Booth of Multiway Robotics, and Attractive Products and Application Technologies

From September 24-26, 2021, the 31st Guangzhou International Food Processing Packaging Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou • Canton Fair Complex.

As a leading provider of on-site smart logistics solutions, Multiway Robotics always focuses on customer service and experience, constantly innovates, insists on empowering customers, dedicates itself in the industry, and provides customers with best service, and continues to iteratively upgrade products to make them adapt to more application scenarios. It persists in reducing costs and increasing efficiency for customers and continues to create value. In this exhibition, Multiway Robotics brought two hard-core products in the food industry, the large counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-E30 and the small counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-SE12.

1. Large counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-E30

Among them, the large counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-E30 has a maximum load of 3000KG, a maximum lifting height of up to 6600mm, and a driving speed of up to 3m/s. It is widely used in the food industry for scenarios such as cargo stacking, shuttle docking, horizontal handling, heavy lifting and load stacking. It has attracted many customers from the food industry to stop and consult thanks to its high-efficiency operation ability and high carrying capacity and speed. The on-site staff enthusiastically explained in detail to the participants.

2. Small counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-SE12

The small counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-SE12 is lighter overall. It is equipped with the "pallet posture recognition" technology, which was demonstrated as a blockbuster. This technology has been optimized and upgraded after it was launched in the CeMAT Asia Logistics Exhibition last year. In scenarios in the food industry such as human-machine interaction operation, load stacking in the warehouse (side-by-side), the manual forklift is working and the unmanned forklift picks and places the goods, it is difficult for the manual forklift to place goods successfully at one time, and usually the position of goods should be manually corrected for multiple times.

The "pallet posture recognition" technology is based on vision and deep learning to quickly capture the actual position of the goods, and adjust the operating path of unmanned forklift to pick and place goods accurately. Currently, it supports the maximum deviation of the pallet angle of ±30° and displacement of ±80cm, which greatly improves flexibility and adaptation.

In addition to the above two large and small counterbalanced unmanned forklifts, the MW Horizons skyeye system for location detection based on deep learning, big data and AI algorithms is also very popular at the exhibition. Based on deep learning and image recognition technology, it accurately recognizes vehicles, goods, personnel and other objects in complex scenes; it supports real-time detection and warning of potential safety hazards such as illegal entry of personnel and improper on-site operations; it also supports automatic identification of storage location status, and will give an alarm for deviations of cargo storage location exceeding preset values, and the system will automatically dock, which can realize the issuance of instructions on fully automatic handling; it can dynamically detect the status of the storage location, dock the background system, and realize the real-time management of the storage location.

We aim to accelerate smart manufacturing and empower all industries. As a Chinese high-tech enterprise and a leading provider of on-site smart logistics solutions, Multiway Robotics has implemented benchmarking projects in many scenarios including the logistics of production line, warehousing logistics in industries such as food, medicine, automobiles, and new energy, and has become a trusted partner of many industry-leading customers.

Although IPEF is over, more excitement will continue. From October 26th to 29th, 2021CeMAT Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition will open soon. At that time, Multiway Robotics will release the latest products of the industry. Welcome to visit the C3-1 Booth in N1 Hall of Multiway Robotics, and welcome to consult and exchange.

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