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Starting from the Pain Point, Unmanned Forklift Boosts the Intelligent Upgrade of Enterprise Warehousing and Logistics

With the accelerated upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises have begun to explore intelligent manufacturing. As the core part of intelligent manufacturing, the market demand for intelligent logistics is rising rapidly. Smart logistics is gradually focusing its business on warehouses, distribution, express delivery, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Smart logistics realizes the flow of materials between production processes and warehouse management, and supports the efficient operation of intelligent manufacturing systems.

1. Smart logistics for unmanned forklifts boosts the construction of smart factories

As an important part of smart factory construction, smart warehousing and logistics use highly intelligent unmanned forklifts to automate material transportation, meet the needs of personalized customization and flexible production, effectively shorten cycle times, reduce labor costs, and solve the problem of difficult factory recruitment, reduce management costs and improve plant efficiency.


2. How Multiway unmanned forklifts are used in instrument companies to "unload the production line to the line side warehouse"

The production line of a manufacturing instrument company is unloaded to the line side warehouse project. The artificial ground is laid flat, covering a large area and the utilization rate is extremely low; the manual operation is labor-intensive, purely manual, and the goods are taken slowly, and the goods are taken and placed. Error-prone; in addition, the requirements for the docking accuracy of the conveyor line are extremely high, the status and inventory information of the warehouse at the line side cannot be effectively monitored, the standardization of manual operations is difficult to be supervised, and the damage to goods is relatively serious; personnel work in three shifts and repetitive manual operations, costs remain high. Various problems have brought great constraints to the development of the factory's business. Based on the above situation, Multiway Robot dispatched a professional solution design team to conduct in-depth research, quickly completed the plan formulation, and formulated a stacking unmanned forklift MW-L1400 introduction plan that met special needs.


1. Importing customized solutions

According to the actual needs of customers, Maowei introduces the stacking unmanned forklift MW-L1400 solution from the dry glue line → line side high-level shelf warehouse → piping, warehouse planning and design, intelligent warehouse system control, scheduling, and remote monitoring to meet customer needs. 

The solution is equipped with the world's leading laser navigation system independently developed by Mowei, which maintains accurate positioning during driving. The primary positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm, and the secondary positioning accuracy can reach ±2mm, which meets the customer's precision requirements. Independent research and development of the industry's highest speed driving control, large-scale robot cluster scheduling and machine vision technologies, to achieve forklift path planning, cluster scheduling, coordinated linkage, status monitoring, collaborative docking, cargo identification, automatic operation and other functions.


2. Scene optimization, the effect is displayed

①Trackless navigation, automatic operation

The specified route operation is realized. Starting from the standby position, it drives autonomously to the pick-up point, the fork picks up the goods and then drives to the delivery point, and returns to the original position after the end. The unmanned forklift is completely automatic to pick and place goods, which is efficient, fast and accurate.

②Accurate positioning and efficient operation

The position correction of independent judgment is realized. When reaching the pick-up point and the delivery point, the position between the fork and the pallet is detected and judged. If there is any error, the running route will be changed and the position will be corrected according to the system settings, and the error of one positioning accuracy will be reduced to within 5mm.

③Transparent information, real-time traceability

The full-process paperless operation and information management and control of the line-side warehouse that can be traced at any time realizes the timely and transparent status of detailed inventory information and order execution process information of warehousing information, warehouse-out information, inventory information, and other status information.

④Increase efficiency and expand capacity, safety protection

4-storey high-level shelves are densely stored, and the site occupation is reduced to 1/4 of the original; eliminating human mistakes or frequent accidents, improving employee safety, precise docking of unmanned forklifts, automatic obstacle avoidance, and greatly reduced cargo damage rate .

⑤ Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Unmanned driving, 24-hour uninterrupted operation, replacing 3 people with one vehicle, intelligently replacing the traditional manual operation mode, realizing the logistics automation of the warehouse, improving the efficiency of logistics handling, improving production efficiency, and saving labor costs.

Through the intelligent platform, intelligent operation, intelligent operation and other aspects, the mobile micro robot will fully connect the logistics personnel, equipment, facilities and goods to intelligent solutions, realize the intelligentization of all aspects of logistics, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. Promote the intelligentization of logistics and create a new and efficient employment model.

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