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Six Advantages of Using AGV Robots

1. AGV robots gradually replace labor

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and the improvement of automation technology, it is a general trend for AGV robots to gradually replace humans in heavy work. Smart logistics will also become a necessary part of the future Internet of Things connection. Today's labor costs are getting higher and higher, and the profits of manufacturing companies are also declining year by year. Under the demand for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, the automated guided transport vehicle has shined in the field of logistics by virtue of its unique advantages. Inquiry AGV robot price.

2. The six advantages of using AGV robots

(1) High degree of automation

Data analysis and remote control are carried out through the AGV central control system. The control system seamlessly connects to OMS/WMS. After obtaining the order information, the scheduling of all equipment and the advancement of business processes are led by the system without manual intervention.

(2) Charging automation

When the power of the AGV robot is insufficient, it will send an instruction to the system to request charging, and the system can automatically run to the charging place to charge after the system allows it.

(3) Long-distance transportation

Manual transportation is usually only suitable for short-distance transportation scenarios. In long-distance transportation scenarios, transportation tools are generally required to complete the mission, and the time efficiency is low; while AGV robots can achieve transportation between any sites, which significantly improves the efficiency of the handling operation.

(4) Effectively control costs

AGV robots can save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce enterprise production costs, quickly recover investment costs, and can also solve the problem of personnel loss caused by boring handling work. In addition, in the distribution center, AGV can effectively reduce the error rate, product wastage rate and order consumables and other expenses, so as to achieve a substantial reduction in the operating cost of the distribution center.

(5) Low site requirements

Compared with the traditional handling equipment, the AGV robot requires a much narrower space width to carry goods and has lower requirements on the site. The AGV system can change the path at will, and has higher flexibility in the operation.

(6) Improve safety

First of all, the AGV robot can effectively avoid product damage caused by irregular or negligent manual operation. What's more, the AGV robot has a very clear running path, and it will automatically stop when encountering obstacles on the driving path; in addition, AGV can also work in an environment with potential safety hazards, greatly improving safety from the two aspects of "people" and "goods".

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