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Multiway Robotics is About to Debut at the Smart Factory Automation World Exhibition in South Korea

Smart Factory + Automation World is one of the most influential industrial automation exhibitions in South Korea and even in Asia. According to official statistics, there will be more than 580 exhibitors from China, Japan, Dubai, Spain, Australia, the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, etc., and the number of exhibitors will reach 40,000.

South Korea has the best logistics conditions in Northeast Asia, attracting many automation equipment providers around the world, including many outstanding Chinese robot companies. In recent years, Multiway Robotics has attracted frequent attention in domestic and foreign markets, and its innovative products have attracted much attention, who enjoys good market prospects in South Korea. Participating in this exhibition is an important step for Multiway Robotics to deploy overseas markets and link the world.

In this SFAW exhibition in South Korea, Multiway Robotics will make a stunning appearance with its blockbuster products, Mini King KongX1500, counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-SE12, and light stacker unmanned forklift MW-SL14. Advanced application scenario technologies for logistics automation such as horizontal handling, pallet posture recognition, and sky eye vision will be displayed. Next, let us take a look in advance the best highlights of this exhibition!

Mini King KongX1500

Mini King KongX1500 made its debut in the world. This product has the characteristics of light weight and small size. It has low requirements on ground load-bearing capacity. It can effectively meet the handling scenarios such as mid-span floors, ground storage warehouses, and extremely narrow aisles in on-site logistics. It supports fast, flexible, modular and rapid deployment, improving the utilization of factory space.


Counterweight unmanned forklift MW-SE12

The counterweight unmanned forklift MW-SE12 can not only meet the needs of stacking operations, but also has the advantages of fast running speed, good climbing ability and high load limit. In the production workshop, raw materials or finished product warehouses, there are many kinds of materials with heavy weight. Therefore, it is necessary to transport materials to the production line frequently and efficiently. Manual forklift transport of goods has great safety hazards, and cannot realize the intelligence and informatization of logistics. The counterweight unmanned forklift MW-SE12 can easily meet the requirements of high-load and high-efficiency operations. It has been widely used in scenarios such as cargo stacking, shuttle docking, horizontal handling, and heavy-duty stacking.

Pallet stacker unmanned forklift MW-SL14


The light stacker unmanned forklift MW-SL14 is more light and can operate flexibly in aisles within 2m, and is widely used in narrow aisle handling and stacking operations. In this exhibition, Multiway Robotics will bring a heavy demonstration of the "pallet posture recognition" technology. In the man-machine interaction operation scenario, ground storage warehouse (side-by-side), or the scenario of manual forklift picking and placing the goods, usually it is hard for manual forklift to place goods perfectly at a time and it is necessary to manually calibrate the position for many times. "Pallet posture recognition" technology is based on vision and deep learning, which can quickly capture the actual position of the goods, adjust the running path of the unmanned forklift to realize the picking and placing of goods. It currently supports the maximum deviation of the pallet angle of ±45° and displacement of ±80cm, which greatly improves the flexibility and adaptability of the scheme.

It is the best time for robot companies to go overseas to deeply develop overseas markets, accelerate the localization of products, and improve the local service system. The leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, Multiway Robotics, will also take this opportunity to further explore overseas markets, increase the penetration rate of overseas local markets, provide more industrial robot solutions, and help Korean and Asian enterprises to achieve intelligent and digital transformation.

After getting a preliminary understanding of the display scenarios through this article, do you still want to visit the site to have a closer look? From April 6th to 8th, in the SFAW exhibition at Seoul International Trade and Exhibition Center, South Korea, we sincerely invite friends from home and abroad to visit the Multiway Robotics booth for exchanges and cooperation, to help the robot industry become bigger and stronger, and to accelerate the high-quality development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Exhibition guide:

From April 6th to 8th, 2022, in the SFAW exhibition at Seoul International Trade and Exhibition Center, South Korea

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