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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

"Robot+" Empowers All Industries, and Multiway Robotics Was Appointed As the "vice President Unit" of the Guangdong Robotics Association

Promote intelligent manufacturing and strengthen exchanges and cooperation across the industry. Recently, at the kind invitation of the Guangdong Robotics Association, Multiway Robotics became a member of the Guangdong Robotics Association and served as the vice chairman unit of the association.

The Guangdong Robotics Association is an organization initiated and established by the Guangdong Academy of Sciences. The association aims to lead by high-quality development, unite and coordinate industrial resources, improve the research and development, production and manufacturing of the association's amr robot companies, promote the rapid development of the robot industry chain, give full play to the association's active role in economic construction, and help China's manufacturing transformation upgrade.


Multiway Robotics is a leading provider of smart logistics solutions in the field. Multiway Robotics has joined forces with the Guangdong Robot Association to jointly promote the development of the robot industry and accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics transformation and efficiency.

Multiway Robotics uses unmanned forklifts, AMRs, and unmanned tractors as hardware carriers. Through machine vision and complete upper-level system empowerment, Multiway provides customers with integrated solutions to help them significantly reduce costs and continue to provide value. At present, Multiway has cooperated with leading customers in the food, medicine, new energy, automobile and other industries and many industries.


Multiway Robotics has conducted in-depth and effective exploration and optimization in terms of solution scenario service capabilities and project system service capabilities. Product innovation, technological iteration, product added value, management model, business model and other aspects closely focus on providing customers with better services.

The vision of Multiway Robotics is a leading provider of smart logistics solutions in the field. It is Multiway's mission to create a new and efficient employment model. Driven by our mission and vision, we will continue to challenge technological peaks, deliver leading technologies and products to customers, and effectively help customers solve various practical problems such as difficulty in recruiting, expensive labor, and low efficiency.

With this opportunity to join forces with the Guangdong Robotics Association, Multiway will surely inject new vitality into the Guangdong Robotics Association. This cooperation has strongly promoted the integration of the robot industry chain and the improvement of the value chain. Consolidating the upstream, midstream and downstream forces of the industrial chain to empower the smart upgrade of the industry, create a smart ecosystem for the industry, and continue to promote the "deep integration" of robots, smart manufacturing, and smart warehousing. Multiway will continue to promote "Robot+" to empower various industries and promote the development of the robotics industry.

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