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Revolutionizing Production Line Logistics: How Multiway Robotics Empowers an Automotive Parts Giant with Unmanned Forklift Solution

Automobile and its components manufacturing is one of the most demanding industrial sectors in the manufacturing industry, high-quality component supply is a crucial guarantee for safe driving. Therefore, achieving high-quality and high-efficiency production of products will be the key for companies to succeed in fierce market competition.

This case study focuses on an internationally renowned automotive component processing factory. By implementing an integrated hardware and software solution for unmanned forklift systems, the factory achieves automatic storage of stamped parts in the clutch stamping workshop and automation of product ingredient logistics. This enhances overall logistics flexibility and fully meets the requirements of flexible production.

The large-scale application of Wefront X20 satisfies flexible production requirements of production lines

In an automotive parts manufacturing company with an automated production line that often starts at tens of millions, the implementation of transformation requires a very high level of maturity in new technologies. After comparing numerous logistics equipment manufacturers on the market, the company chose to collaborate closely with Multiway Robotics.

The intelligent logistics solution, using the "New Formed Pallet Truck Wefront X20 + Pallet Stacker MW-SL14” as the hardware products, is introduced. It is coupled with the software systems WMS/WCS/RCS to replace the traditional manual handling mode with an automated logistics mode. This enables quick response to high-frequency production line requirements and improves logistics turnover efficiency.

Implementation Areas: Incoming Storage Area, Shelf Storage Area, On-line Temporary Storage Area, Charging Area

Handling process: Operators issue handling tasks through PDA. Wefront X20 autonomously transfer full pallets from the incoming storage area to the shelf storage transfer area. Pallet Stacker MW-SL14 handles full pallets from the transfer area to the shelf storage area, or transfers empty pallets from the shelf storage area to the transfer area. Wefront X20 transfers full pallets from the shelf storage area to the on-line temporary storage area and transfers empty pallets from the on-line temporary storage area to the incoming storage area or the transfer area.


After multiple projects and repeated verification, the "New Formed Pallet Truck Wefront X20" has demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of equipment advancement, practicality, maturity, and commercial value. This model has a weight of only 365kg, making it lightweight and agile, with a maximum load capacity of 2000kg. It possesses advantages in terms of speed, flexibility, and modularity, enabling efficient and automated material handling and turnover between stamping production lines and warehouses through large-scale applications.


Self-developed RCS scheduling system make efficient collaborative operations with multiple vehicle models

The project involves collaborative operations with different vehicle models, Multiway Robotics self-developed RCS scheduling system can quickly plan the optimal paths throughout the facility. It supports dynamic avoidance of congestion and deadlock situations in complex scenarios, ensuring timely loading and unloading of various production lines, as well as timely material handling for stock-in and stock-out operations.


In addition, customers can use PDA to assign transportation tasks, and they can obtain real-time information about the status, location, and operational status of each controlled robotic device through the system interface. By establishing effective connections between production lines and different zones, it optimizes overall logistics efficiency and enhances operational effectiveness for enterprises.


Warehouse Management System-Traceability of Production Materials Information

The automotive market at various levels is constantly flooded with different models, consumers have increasingly higher demands for the aesthetics and quality of automotive interior parts. As a globally renowned clutch manufacturer, the company offers a wide range of product models. However, the traditional manual approach of handling inventory, loading, and unloading is unable to meet the requirements of large-scale, high-quality, and fast-paced production.


WMS system supports a 2D overview of storage locations, configuration of stock-in and stock-out strategies, and digitized management of materials data. When encountering a switch in production materials on the workshop production line, the system can rapidly update material codes, and unmanned forklifts can synchronously handle loading and unloading of different types of materials in real-time, as well as manage inventory movements. This convenient operation not only enhances production efficiency but also saves labor costs, providing a powerful boost for the enterprise's smart manufacturing upgrade.


Learn more about Wefront X20: https://www.mw-r.com/products/x1500-mini-king-kong-pallet-truck/

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