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Recommendation: With the Improvement of Expansion and Efficiency, Multiway Robotics Releases 3 Narrow Aisle Unmanned Forklifts

In the warehouse, the raw materials or finished products need to be frequently put in and out of the warehouse, or in the production workshop, the materials need to be frequently distributed to the production room. Due to the narrow logistics channels, complex road conditions, and the variety and weight of materials, manual forklift transportation requires a manned working position, which requires a large width of the aisle, and there are potential safety hazards in transportation. In this way, it is impossible to realize the intelligence and informatization of logistics and distribution.

And with the expansion of production scale, the rent of workshop and warehouse is getting higher and higher, and the cost of workshop storage is rising. Therefore, the requirements of production and storage cannot be met anymore. Many companies have begun to choose to use narrow aisle unmanned forklifts.

Based on this, Multiway Robotics has launched 3 narrow aisle unmanned forklifts to help enterprises realize material handling and material distribution with high efficiency, accuracy, safety, logistics informatization, improve warehouse storage capacity, optimize automated processes and on-site system management, save labor costs, improve work safety, improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

1. Omnidirectional stacking unmanned forklift MW-O08

The Multiway Robotics MW-O08 omnidirectional stacking unmanned forklift adopts laser navigation and positioning, supports accurate movement in any direction: forward, backward, turn, traverse, spin. This kind of stacking forklift needs a 1.85m aisle, the load is 800KG, and the overall body is light and compact. With flexible operation and convenient management, it can carry out effective operation in a small space, greatly improve the storage capacity rate and improve the operation efficiency.

In addition to the omnidirectional stacking unmanned forklift, Multiway Robotics also has three-way fork unmanned forklift MW-K10, side fork unmanned forklift MW-SF10 and other products used in scenarios of narrow aisle and dense storage.

2. Three-way fork unmanned forklift MW-K10

The three-way fork unmanned forklift MW-K10 is mainly used for stacking and handling operations in narrow aisles. The minimum aisle is only 1.7m, and the lifting height can reach 8.6m. The cargo fork can be rotated left and right, and the forklift can stack high or place and put goods on the front or either side of vehicle body. The forklift does not need to turn when entering the aisle, so the width of the aisle can be minimized, thereby increasing the storage capacity of the warehouse. It is mainly used for intensive storage warehousing, high shelf storage, and cargo handling in narrow lanes.

3. Side fork unmanned forklift MW-SF10

The main feature of Multiway Robotics side fork unmanned forklift MW-SF10 is that the forks protrude from the side, and the requirement on width of the aisle is much lower than that of other vehicles. The width of the vehicle is 1.75 meters. It can operate automatically in the aisle of 1.8m width without barrier. In operation, the fork lift load can be up to 1000kg, and the lifting height can reach 4.5m.

With unmanned forklift/AMR automated mobile robot as the hardware carrier, and empowered by machine vision and a complete upper-level system, Multiway Robotics provides customers with an integrated intelligent logistics solution, helping them to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, and continue to create value. At present, it has successfully delivered many projects for industry-leading customers in the food, medicine, new energy, automobile and other industries.

We realize interconnection with other logistics equipment and storage equipment to achieve the flexibility of the plan, the high quality of the products, the stabilization of the system, the management of the whole site equipment and information flow, developing from the single product to a systematic application, and achieving overall optimization. The visual upper-level management system handles customer-related business, realizes data analysis and transparent and visual management of information, comprehensively predicts and monitors the system status, and ensures the stable and healthy operation of the system.

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