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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Purchasing Manager (Shenzhen)

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's business objectives, formulate purchasing strategic planning, and provide suggestions and information support for major purchasing decisions;

2. Organize the formulation, decomposition, implementation, assessment, and summary of the procurement work plan, review the monthly procurement budget and temporary procurement declaration plan;

3. Organize the establishment of a qualified supplier system, be responsible for the approval of new suppliers, establish and improve a supplier evaluation system, establish and improve a supplier elimination system, and improve and optimize the scale of strategic partners;

4. Responsible for the formulation, execution and follow-up of the purchase contract, and the tracking and control of the delivery date of the purchased items.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, management, supply chain and other related majors or science and engineering background, clear thinking and logic;

2. Have excellent analysis and judgment, communication and coordination, organization planning, business negotiation and leadership management capabilities.