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Intelligent Four-way Shuttle Z1-10/12/15

Intelligent Four-way Shuttle Z1-10/12/15/15


The World's Thinnest 120mm

Specifications of Four-way Shuttle Z1-10/12/15

Product NameFour-way Shuttle
CommunicationWireless Wi-Fi
Operating Temperature-10~50℃-10~50℃-10~50℃
Lifting Stroke60mm60mm60mm
MotionDrive ModeMotorMotorMotor
Lifting MethodMechanicalMechanicalMechanical
Reversal Time4s4s4s
Max Running Speed1.5m/s1.5m/s1.5m/s
Driving Accuracy≤2mm≤2mm≤2mm
BatteryBattery TypeLithium Iron Phosphate BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Charging MethodManual/AutoManual/AutoManual/Auto
Battery Capacity30Ah30Ah30Ah
Battery Life6~8h6~8h5~6h
Charging Period1.5h1.5h1.5h

Features of Four-way Shuttle Z1-10/12/15

  • Precise and Efficient: Driving and Positioning Accuracy within +2mm operational Speed reaches 2m/s

  • Stable Operation, Flexible Movement: Four-way operation, Cargo in-situ horizontal reversal, Suitable for a variety of complex scenes

  • High Density Storage: Multi-depth Dense Storage, 3-4 Times More Storage Capacity than Usual

  • Smart Dispatching: Cloud Dispatching, Path Optimization, Real-time and efficient scheduling of multiple vehicles

  • Visual Empowerment: Through real-time perception of the environment, detecting cargo over-loading, avoiding the risk of cargo overturning, Detecting the falling of load, real-time video stream transmission terminal, manual judgment and processing in time, ensuring operation efficiency and safety

Four-way Shuttle System Functions

Change Direction in Situ

Multi-shuttle Scheduling

Intelligent Dynamic Management

Route Planning

Drop Detection

Overload Detection

Temperature Detection

Modular Configuration

Safety System

Standard Port Interface

Free Combination of Storage Space

Automatic Charging

Four-way Shuttle Structure Size (unit: mm)

Four-way Shuttle Structure Size

Easy Handling on Various Occasions

Smart warehouses and smart factories;

Warehousing logistics center;

Automated high-density storage;

Product warehouse, semi-product warehouse and raw material warehouse;

Dark warehouse management;

Fragile materials and inventory, explosion proof warehouse, warehouse dust control.

Four-way Shuttle Applications

Four-way Shuttle Applications

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