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AMR Autonomous Mobile Robots

AMR refers to autonomous mobile robots, in a broad sense it refers to mobile robots with strong autonomy. Mobile robots with weak autonomy (such as remote control robots, mobile robots walking along rails, etc.) cannot be called AMR, only AMR automated mobile robot with strong AMR autonomous that can make their own reasonable responses to various dynamic changes in the environment can be called AMR. 

No complicated programming is required, and autonomous mobile tasks can be completed with the help of a complete upper-level system. The open interface can be used in different scenarios to match changes in different manufacturing production lines, or production units and process requirements. 

Although e-commerce has greatly promoted the development of AGV, the main application field of AGV is still manufacturing. No smart factory can do without AMR mobile robot. Large unmanned factories and light-off factories must all have AMR autonomous mobile robot. Small, scattered and scattered small manufacturing workshops can also see the use of AMR automated mobile robot. Therefore, no matter what kind of manufacturing and production environment, as long as there is a place for autonomous material handling, are inseparable from the AMR mobile robot. Inquiry AMR robot cost from top autonomous mobile robot companies.