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Precautions and Misunderstandings for Choosing AGV Forklifts

In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs and the continuous upgrading of artificial intelligence technology, more and more enterprises have begun to carry out automation upgrades, and the intelligent AGV of industrial vehicles has become a new trend in future industrial development. AGV is also gradually seizing the traditional forklift market, especially AGV forklifts, which fulfill the humanized and diversified needs of customers with high efficiency and low cost. They are important equipment for smart warehousing and smart factories and play a very important role in internal logistics.

However, in the selection of AGV forklifts, various factors such as different use environments, different workloads, the size of the transported objects, the height of the lifted goods, the size of the passage, the size of the load, etc. will affect the use of the AGV forklift. Inquiry Multiway robotics auto unmanned forklift for wholesale automated guided vehicle price.

1. The problems that should be paid attention to when choosing an AGV forklift

(1) Understand the materials and related configurations of AGV auto forklifts. The configuration can directly affect the use and quality of forklifts. Try to choose manufacturers with strong strength and good reputation as much as possible.

(2) Battery capacity. This directly affects the working hours of AGV forklifts.

(3) AGV auto forklift obstacle avoidance system. When choosing, you can test how far away obstacles it can sense, and can avoid obstacles for transportation. When encountering obstacles, it can sound an alarm. In addition, you can also consider the emergency stop device of the AGV forklift in the system in an abnormal emergency situation.

2. Misunderstandings in the selection of AGV forklifts

(1) Pursue speed blindly

Some people may think that the faster the AGV forklift robot, the better because it can shorten the running time, improve efficiency, and save the number of forklifts. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because if the AGV auto forklift is driving too fast, it is easy to cause the braking distance to belong, and the object to topple due to inertia, and there is a greater safety hazard.

(2) Ignore the quality of the product itself

Some customers may think that most of the AGV forklift robot on the market are the same, and the priority is often the automated guided vehicle price. They always choose the manufacturers with the lowest price. This kind of thinking is very one-sided because often the cheap AGV forklifts are not carefully painted, and problems such as peeling of the outer paint will occur after a period of use, and problems are prone to occur. It is likely that the after-sales service is not guaranteed, and the materials used for core components may also be different, so the failure rate will be high, which is not obvious in the short term, but after a period of use, the gap will become more and more obvious. Therefore, when we choose, we must choose carefully, compare and understand more.

(3) AGV forklift does not need maintenance

This is a very big misunderstanding. The AGV auto forklift robot body is made of various metal materials. It is easier to rust when it comes in contact with corrosive objects. Therefore, we need to pay attention not to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the forklift during use. At the same time, keep the forklift body clean and clean the debris regularly.

3. What Types of Unmanned Forklift can Multiway offer

Multiway is one of the professional autonomous forklift companies, we can offer automatic pallet truck, automated pallet jack for various solutions and material handling cases. Inquiry automated guided vehicle price.

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