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Palletizing and Warehousing | Without Pallet + 18 Cars Cooperation

Customer overview

  • It has an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of oil products, 9 million tons of methanol, acetic acid and downstream products.

  • Leading products for coal to methanol, synthetic ammonia, urea, coke and other more than 10 varieties.

Palletizing and Warehousing | Without Pallet + 18 Cars Cooperation
Project Background
  • Material handling: no pallet fertilizer standard package or ton bag.

  • Project scenario: transformation and upgrading of finished product palletizing and warehousing automation.

  • Handling process: finished product palletizing line → warehouse high shelf.

  • Product selection: stacked unmanned forklift MW-LS20x18.

  • System configuration: Dispatching System RCS + Field Management System WMS + docking system WCS (ERP + manipulator).

Project Difficulties
  • Operation efficiency: relying on manual operation, high randomness, low operation efficiency.

  • Collaborative docking: the docking efficiency of the conveyor line requires high labor intensity.

  • Warehouse volume: manual floor stacking, covering a large area, low utilization.

  • Inventory management: handling process and storage status, goods information is not effectively controlled.

  • Cost input: three shifts, repetitive manual operation, high cost.

Project Value
  • Reduce 8 Workers
  • Storage Capacity Increased By 1 Times
  • 13% Reduction In Damage
  • Precise Docking
  • Visual Management

Project Scenarios

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