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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Palletizing and Warehousing | Sky Eye System + Shape Detection + Attitude Recognition

Customer overview

  • China has more than 40 branches in the first brand in the field of fast food.

  • It is the largest professional production and sales enterprise of leisure food such as jelly, pudding and seaweed in the world. Nanjing factory produces 150000 tons of jelly food annually.

Palletizing and Warehousing | Sky Eye System + Shape Detection + Attitude Recognition
Project Background
  • Material handling: FMCG.

  • Project scenario: automatic or manual palletizing of finished products and automatic warehousing.

  • Handling process: automatic palletizing line / manual palletizing → silo elevator.

  • Product selection: MW-SE08x4 small balance heavy unmanned forklift truck.

  • System configuration: Dispatching System RCS + sky eye system + docking system WCS (WMS system and equipment docking).

Project Difficulties
  • Collaborative docking: it involves the collaborative docking of conveyor line and elevator, with low labor efficiency.

  • Cost input: three shifts, repetitive and ineffective operation, cost rising year after year.

  • Shape monitoring: manual palletizing high randomness, unqualified shape returned time-consuming and laborious.

  • Clear low season and peak season: the flow gap is large in low season and peak season, and the resource allocation is difficult to be unified.

  • Flexible logistics: the site space is compact and does not support the secondary transformation of the site environment.

Project Value
  • Reduce 6 workers
  • 10% Efficiency
  • 8% Increase in timeliness
  • Precise docking
  • Visual management

Project Scenarios


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