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Meiwei Robot won the honor of "New Brand Enterprise Award"

New Brand Award of the Year

The "2021 Ninth Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference" hosted by the Asia-Pacific logistics authoritative magazine "Logistics Technology and Application" was grandly held in Suzhou. As a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, Multiway Robotics was invited to attend this conference.

New Brand Award of the Year

At the award ceremony at the same time as the conference, Multiway Robotics won the "2021 Smart Logistics Industry Emerging Brand Enterprise Award" with its enterprising spirit of innovation and professional technical research and development strength. This is the industry's re-recognition of Multiway products, technology, and brand.

New Brand Award of the Year

01. New products and new technologies adapt to market demand

Favorable policies promoted. With the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, the country's orientation towards the development of robots has become more clear; at the same time, as many factories are facing a series of problems such as difficulty in recruiting workers, low automation, and disordered information management, robotics and market applications are ushered in Vigorous development. Relying on its leading product technical strength and deep perception of the market, with its high-quality software and solution service capabilities, Multiway Robotics is well-recognized by customers. Hardware products include: various unmanned AGV forklifts, Automated Guided Vehicles, AGV tractors and storage robots; software systems include: Multiway cloud, WMS, WCS, on-site management systems and a variety of visual solutions, from product definition, product development, Mewei is technology-driven to build a leading intelligent logistics integrated delivery platform to cover the application needs of multiple scenarios.

Recently, Multiway Robotics has launched a new form of product-"Mingzhelun α1" is a highlight of the industry. As the industry's first, two pallets of goods can be taken at a time, supporting lateral movement, spinning, turning, drifting, and forwarding. Compared with traditional unmanned forklifts, the omnidirectional movement ability is more flexible and efficient. It can adapt to extremely narrow roadways. It is widely used in warehouse handling, automatic doors, elevators, conveyor lines, hoists, manipulators and other scenes. It can greatly improve handling efficiency and reduce cost input.

In exploring the integration of AI + Internet of Things + robotics technology, visual empowerment enhances the flexibility of the solution, Multiway Robotics has made a major breakthrough, and developed "location detection", "visual inventory", "pallet posture recognition", and "cage stacking" "High-level storage", "size measurement", "clamping telescopic", "unmanned loading and unloading truck" and other core complex adaptive scene technologies, which can provide a complete vision solution Multiway Horizons, which can be quickly configured for different customer sites. Import easily.

integration of AI + Internet of Things + robotics technology

02. Deeply cultivate the industry and intensively cultivate customers to help upgrade smart manufacturing

Empower all industries, help smart manufacturing upgrades, focus on customer service and experience, continue to innovate, insist on empowering customers, deepen the industry, intensively cultivate customers, continue to iterate and upgrade products and polish the scene, and insist on reducing costs and increasing customers Effective and continue to provide value.

In addition to continuing to deepen technology, product polishing and deepening the application of logistics scenarios, Multiway Robotics has also made great efforts and attempts to strengthen marketing and product delivery. Compared with the full year of 2020, its performance growth rate exceeds 1000%, and the overall progress is fast. At present, Meiwei has launched in-depth cooperation with food, medicine, automobile, new energy and other industries, and has delivered a large number of benchmark projects in factories, warehousing, logistics and other fields, and has become a trusted partner of leading customers in the industry.

Won the honor of "New Brand Enterprise Award", for Multiway Robotics, it is an affirmation and encouragement on the way of brand growth. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and Program services.