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New product debut | Multiway Robotics releases MW-E series of unmanned counterbalanced forklifts

Counterbalanced forklift is one of the most widely used forklifts, which can meet the requirements of stacking operations, and also has the advantages of fast running speed, good climbing ability, and high load limit. It is suitable for applications in different scenarios, such as unmanned Application scenarios such as loading and unloading trucks, ground cargo stacking, shuttle rack docking, ground horizontal handling, and heavy load stacking.

In the production workshop, in the warehouse of raw materials and finished products, there are many types of materials and heavy weight, and materials need to be distributed to various production lines frequently and efficiently. Manual forklift transportation of goods poses a large security risk, and it is impossible to realize the intelligentization and information of logistics transportation. With the increase of production scale, it is no longer possible to meet production requirements only through manual operations. The MW-E series of unmanned forklifts with large counterbalanced weights of Multiway Robotics can easily meet the requirements of high-load, indoor + outdoor full-scene high-efficiency operations.

Brand New Series, Brand New Type

Unmanned Counterbalanced Forklift MW-E Series

Intelligent Efficient Unmanned Forklift

Intelligent · Efficient

Laser reflector navigation+Visual assistance

The unmanned counterbalanced forklift robot MW-E series generally use large-size rubber tires, which run faster, are less restricted by slope, and have stronger climbing ability. It can be adapted to indoor flat roads, and can also be adapted to outdoor or open-air cargo yards. The scene of unloading and unloading meets the requirements of all indoor and outdoor operations.

Fantastic Unmanned Forklift


Indoors and outdoors support

Unmanned counterbalanced forklift MW-E series equipped with forks at the front of the vehicle and counterweights at the rear of the body. It is widely used in loading and unloading vehicles in factories or warehouses, stacking goods, and docking equipment such as shuttles. , Horizontal handling, heavy-duty pile height and other application scenarios. And after changing the forks to various attachments, the forklift robots can carry a variety of goods.

360-Protection Unmanned Forklift

360° Protection

Keep you safe

The counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-E series safety system uses multiple protections such as safety sensors, algorithm control systems, and vision systems to improve vehicle safety, that is, considering the safety of human-computer interaction scenarios from many aspects such as ergonomics, and from Unmanned forklift systems, machinery and other aspects are considered, 360° protection, so that unmanned forklift operation safety is more guaranteed.

Unmanned Forklift Accelerate Your Enterprise

Accelerate Your Enterprise

Empower Various Industries

Powered by machine vision and a comprehensive upper system, the counterbalanced MW-E series unmanned forklift has strong load-bearing capacity and good dynamic performance. It is very suitable for intelligent manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics handling such as production line docking, raw materials in and out of warehouses, and finished products in and out of warehouses. Links, can effectively solve the needs of intelligent production, efficiency improvement, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligent manufacturing.

Exhibition Invitation Unmanned Forklift

Exhibition invitation

After getting to know the basic introduction of the MW-E series of unmanned forklift trucks based on this article, do you want to take a closer look at the actual field application, September 14-18, CIIF-RS, NECC(Shanghai)at the booth D121 of Hall 7.1H of the Convention and Exhibition Center, Multiway Robotics will show applications such as counterbalanced unmanned forklift MW-E series unmanned loading and unloading trucks. Welcome to lock in.

About Multiway Robotics Unmanned Forklift

About Multiway Robotics

Multiway Robotics is an advanced provider of intelligent logistics solutions in the field. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with offices in Central China, East China, Southwest China, Northeast China and other places, and established overseas operation centers, sales business, operations and services cover various regions at home and abroad.

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With the unmanned forklift/AMR as the hardware platform, the top AGV companies, Multiway Robotics provides customers with total intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing solutions through machine vision and comprehensive upper-level system empowerment. Hardware products include various unmanned forklifts and AMR; software systems include WMS, WCS, on-site management systems, and a variety of visual solutions. It has implemented many benchmarking projects in factories, warehousing, logistics and other industries, and has become a trusted partner of many leading enterprises. Inquiry automated guided vehicle price.

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