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Multiway WCS: Multi-scenario Vertical Application, Accelerating the Batch Landing of Unmanned Forklifts

Hey friends! What I will introduce to you today is: Multiway Robotics' WCS equipment control system, which can easily realize unified management of robots and elevators, automatic doors, conveyors, rollers, manipulators and other equipment operating systems, connect the system function console and data center, and carry out full On-site equipment and information flow management, play with major logistics scenarios, come and see with me, how to open up the integration of intelligent logistics!

1. How to move across floors?

The equipment control system is connected with the elevator communication, and the elevator calls are made in time to easily realize cross-floor transportation.

2. What should I do when I enter and exit the automatic door?

The equipment control system is connected with the door control system to respond to the vehicle opening application in a timely manner, and easily crack the automatic door plane handling scene.

3. How to connect the production line?

The equipment control system is connected with the PLC system of the production line to make judgment and response.

4. How to connect the drum line?

The equipment control system is docked with the drum line system, and the vehicle can pick up and place the goods at the point, and the docking is easily completed!

5. How to connect the manipulator?

The unmanned forklift and the manipulator are connected to each other, and the equipment control system connects the two parties to achieve efficient cooperation and double the production line efficiency!

6. What should I do if the machine is out of power?

The Multiway Robotics scheduling system RCS automatically issues charging tasks, and the unmanned forklift automatically goes to the charging area. When the power is full or meets the set power level, the robot switches to the task mode to achieve uninterrupted automatic operation around the clock.

From warehousing, production, storage to delivery, all kinds of peripheral equipment are involved. Through the Multiway Robotics self-developed equipment control system WCS, the interconnection with other logistics equipment and warehousing equipment is realized, from a single product to a systematic application, to achieve the overall optimization. It is also empowered by Multiway cloud, WMS, RCS and various vision solutions to promote the upgrading of robotics-enabled manufacturing.

Multiway Robotics focuses on advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology, providing customers with complete intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics solutions. Hardware products include: various types of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and warehousing robots; software systems include: Multiway cloud, WMS, WCS, on-site management systems and various visual solutions, which have been used in factories, warehousing, logistics and other fields. Delivered a large number of benchmark projects and became a trusted partner of industry-leading customers.

Multiway Robotics is a leading provider of on-site smart logistics solutions. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, it has offices in Central China, East China, Southwest China, Northeast China and other places, and has established an overseas operation center. Its business sales, operations and services cover various regions at home and abroad.

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