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Multiway showcases solutions for flexible material handling with environmental protection equipment enterprises to achieve cost reduction

Traditional enterprise factories generally have many production lines, and different production lines correspond to different materials. It is time-consuming and labour-intensive to rely on the human distribution. The management of warehouse material information could be more efficient, and the efficiency of query inventory and shipment could be higher, which affects production and shipment. Moreover, multiple production lines are running at the same time in many factories. Various tasks are triggered simultaneously, and man-machine mixing makes production management difficult. and it is necessary to dispatch matching models for cargo handling as the goods' size at different production line stations is different.


The enterprise is a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales, and one of the country's largest oil fume purification equipment suppliers. The original logistics design of the factory was very complex and labour-intensive. They want to use the intelligent logistics solution of Multiway with an autonomous forklift as the hardware carrier. The goal is to upgrade and optimize the handling mode of the factory and improve the efficiency of logistics turnover and the level of digitalization.


The project involves an electrical equipment area, bending area, punch parts area, finished product warehouse and more than a dozen production lines. Autonomous forklifts are applied to complete the transportation and distribution of materials such as punch parts, clean box products, and fan products from the line side warehouse to the production line.

SolutionIn response to the urgent production demand of enterprises, Multiway, a leading intelligent intralogistics solution provider, took on this challenge and launched its powerful hardware and software product. The hardware is a stacking unmanned forklift MW-SL14, and the software is the WMS warehouse management system and RCS fleet management system. It  allows for efficient vehicle dispatching, flexible task delivery, and optimal path planning and opens up the entire information flow and equipment flow for effective management of material and inventory information.


The whole set of solutions allows for automatic and intelligent handling of the production line process and finished products. It solves the compatibility problem of more than 40 different vehicles on site, improves the production efficiency and logistics handling efficiency of the whole plant and solves the difficulty of recruiting and expensive labour for customers and other issues. Based on cost reduction and efficiency increase, automated, intelligent, informative, and transparent intelligent handling has been achieved.



  • Reduce human operation costs.

Automated logistics handling, 24-hour operation, continuous reduction of staff and increase of efficiency.

  • Breakthrough regional business barriers. 

Open up cross-regional business flows such as line-side warehouses, finished product areas, and production areas.

  • Efficiently guarantee production efficiency. 

Just-in-time production line, adapting to various complex scenarios such as man-machine mixing.

  • Raise the level of digital management.

Self-developed WMS warehouse management system to achieve digital operation management.

Devoted to advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology, Multiway Robotics provides customers with complete intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics solutions. Based on designs of the entire production business flow, we offer hardware products of our own, including autonomous forklifts, AMRs, autonomous tractors, and four-way shuttles, software systems including Multiway Cloud, WMS, WCS, on-site management systems and various visual solutions. These have made us a provider of integrated intelligent logistics solutions in the industry boasting both cost-effectiveness and good performance. 

Multiway Robotics has served hundreds of large enterprises worldwide after the company's founding, covering more than 20 industry scenarios. We have already delivered a large number of benchmark projects in factories, warehousing, and logistics fields and have become a trusted partner in the industry.

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