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Multiway Robots Provides Intelligent Logistics Solution to Facilitate Rapid and Lightweight Deployment in Complex Scenarios

With the rapid advancement of intelligent manufacturing, more and more enterprises are investing in intelligent upgrading. At the same time, the application of mobile robots is becoming increasingly widespread, and the scenes are constantly deepening and expanding. It requests high standards on the performance of robots, systems' stability, and solutions' flexibility and adaptability in complex and diverse scenarios. 

Continued innovation realizes the full-category closed loop. Multiway Robotics hardware has formed four product series, including unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors, and four-way shuttles. On the software side, combined with the fully self-developed WMS warehouse management system, WCS equipment control system, RCS dispatch system, digital cloud monitoring and operation system Cloud, and flexible vision solution Horizon Vision System, Multiway Robotics can provide full-stack flexible, intelligent logistics solutions to achieve rapid and lightweight deployment in complex scenarios, and to integrate the entire logistics, information. Decision-making flows, assisting traditional process enterprises in automation and digital upgrading.

Multiway Robotics can provide efficient solutions for complex logistics requirements.

  • High-bay Storage

Challenge: The complexity of cargo handling has risen sharply with the increase in forklift lifting height. The uneven ground, inclined door frames, and shaking caused by the lifting of the fork arms will affect the accuracy and stability of cargo access.

Solution: Based on visual recognition technology and anti-shake algorithms, we have achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of high-level access. The maximum lifting height can reach 10 meters, and position deviation can be quickly identified and corrected. Precise identification of the cargo condition improves operational stability and avoids the dangers of working on high-level shelves.


  • Multi-vehicle Coordination

Challenge: As more and more companies begin to deploy large-scale robot clusters in factories, the systems become huge and involve numerous key technologies, resulting in high complexity. This places higher demands on the intelligence and coordination of scheduling systems.

Solution: Our proprietary RCS scheduling system supports the unified scheduling of hundreds of vehicles of different types in the same area, as well as the unified management of vehicles across multiple floors and warehouses. It quickly plans the optimal route, and the intelligent traffic management system can achieve dynamic avoidance of multiple vehicles, avoiding traffic congestion and vehicle lock situations, achieving a group intelligent effect

  • Material Box Stacking

Challenge: Material box stacking is one of the typical industrial scenes in the industry. The higher the material box is stacked, the greater the storage capacity per unit area and the higher the requirements for unmanned forklifts' perception and adaptive technology.

Solution: Integrating posture recognition and closed-loop detection technology to achieve high precision, secure stacking of six or more layers, support for monitoring deformation of material boxes, monitoring of safe stacking, dismantling and stacking at different heights, and detecting deviations in goods, ensuring operator safety.

  • Vehicle-road Coordination

Challenge: Scene difficulty: The complexity of human-machine interaction and the high-frequency environmental changes will impact workplace safety.

Solution: Detecting objects such as unmanned forklifts, pedestrians, and goods in the work area, realizing vehicle-road coordination through real-time coordination between mobile robots and the environment, and sharing dynamic environmental information.


  • Elevator Transfer Between Floors

Challenge: Transportation across floors and scenes by riding an elevator is complex.

Solution: Multiway Robotics has designed and produced a particular elevator transfer robot that can realize unmanned operation in the elevator, and perform loading and unloading operations on different floors, greatly reducing the time and safety risks caused by manual transportation.

  • EquHuman-Machine Interaction

Challenge: The workshop and equipment are widely distributed and diverse, making the management of equipment increasingly difficult and complex. Using manual labor for overall maintenance work results in low efficiency, leading to production delays and stagnation.

Solution: We have developed a proprietary WCS equipment control system that updates cargo information in real-time, responds quickly to tasks, and supports the unified management of the entire equipment operation system, including automatic doors, roller conveyors, robotic arms, and conveyor lines. This achieves unified information flow, equipment flow, and efficient management.

Human-Machine Interaction

Challenge: In harsh factories, due to chaotic production management, the size of on-site pallets, rack height, aisle width, and types of goods vary. The introduction of unmanned forklifts as hardware carriers for on-site intelligent logistics solutions has become increasingly difficult.

Solution: In the face of chaotic operating environments, we have integrated visual AI cameras on the body of the unmanned forklifts to enable pallet posture recognition and cargo error detection. The system is compatible with different specifications of vehicles and can adapt to different rack heights and cargo positions.

Multiway Robotics strives to revolutionize the way businesses operate through the integration of cutting-edge robotics technology. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing and delivering the most advanced and innovative solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety across various industries. From unmanned forklifts to autonomous mobile robots, we provide a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality and excellence has earned us a reputation as a leading provider of smart logistics solutions. Partner with us and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service, and a true commitment to your success.

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