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Multiway Robotics Launches 4 New Products!

On March 30, 2022, the new product launch cloud conference of 2022 New Journey · Multiway Robotics was grandly held. At the conference, the "Intelligent Four-Way Shuttle MW-Z1", "Little King Kong MW-X1500", "Mai Zhelun α1 (II)", and the flexible vision solution "Sky Eye System" were solemnly released.

1. New unmanned forklifts are added to the family matrix across borders and peaks

On the hardware side, a full range of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and storage robots have been formed, and the matrix layout has become increasingly complete. Lv Chaoshun, the R&D director of Multiway Robotics, firstly announced through this conference that Multiway Robotics will further expand from the handling scene to the access scene, and release the new product "Intelligent Four-way Shuttle MW-Z1".


"Intelligent four-way shuttle MW-Z1" has a thickness of only 120mm, a load of 1500kg, and a running speed of 1.5m/s. Through visual technology, it can detect the drop of goods and the detection of over-carrying of goods. The vehicle passes real-time monitoring of the environment during operation Perceive and detect cargo over-consignment, avoid the risk of cargo overturning, and ensure operational efficiency and safety.

At the same time, in conjunction with other equipment such as hoists, conveyor lines, and various systems such as RCS, WCS, and WMS, it can provide four-way dense access solutions for logistics transfer central warehouses, finished product warehouses, semi-finished product warehouses, and raw material warehouses.


2. Small body, high energy, product iteration and continuous upgrade of unmanned forklift

In the handling scene, Lv Chaoshun also announced the launch of the new product "Little King Kong MW-X1500". The self-weight is 240kg and the load is 1500kg. It has low requirements on the ground load-bearing capacity. It can be widely used in cross-floor transportation, horizontal transportation and docking in the horizontal area, and runs smoothly.

Adapting to the operation of extremely narrow aisles, it can greatly improve the space utilization rate and realize fast, flexible, modularized and extremely fast deployment. It is an unmanned forklift solution with both cost and performance advantages.


3. Unmanned forklifts are naturally high-energy, break the game and surpass, and demonstrate hard-core strength

The industry's first "single two-carry" new form of unmanned forklift "Mai Zhe Lun α1 (Ⅱ)", after its launch at the CeMAT 2021 Asia Logistics Exhibition in October last year, once again in technical aesthetics, formal aesthetics, and practical applications. Iterative upgrades were made. It can efficiently meet the triple pursuit of aesthetics, performance and efficiency.


4. The sky eye system of unmanned forklift makes the solution more flexible

At the press conference, Lv Chaoshun also focused on the use of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to create flexible solutions and enable intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics vision system technology "Sky Eye System".

Through the dynamic monitoring of business covering the whole area, and the coordination of vehicles, roads, and depots, and the data processing platform of edge computing, the "Sky Eye System" achieves management visualization, safe operating environment, and ensures the stable operation of the factory, so as to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Relying on on-site data edge collection, real-time computing platform, visual analysis platform, and operation and maintenance management platform, it integrates the multi-dimensional data of "people, vehicles, objects, and fields" in the area to realize intelligent and automated on-site logistics and ensure safe and stable operations.


At the end of the press conference, Gan Xuan, the planning director of the Multiway Robotics in Shenzhen Guangming Science City, demonstrated the new breakthroughs in the field of dense storage areas by live broadcast through the cloud video connection. - Four-way through the dense storage stereo library solution.

While continuing to innovate and enrich the product matrix, Multiway Robotics will further strengthen product polishing and deepening of scene applications, always adhere to the service concept of "continuous innovation", and work with more ecological partners to promote the "deep integration" of robots and manufacturing and accelerate the injection of intelligent vitality!

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