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Multiway Robotics Joins Hands with Leading Apparel Equipment Manufacturers to Help Transform

Multiway Robotics, a leading provider of on-site intelligent logistics solutions, helped a leading garment equipment manufacturing company to successfully realize the innovation and upgrade of the supply chain. The company also gave a high degree of recognition to Multiway Robotics while the production efficiency was rapidly improved.

Ⅰ. Project overview of unmanned forklift

The project area is divided into three areas: workshop, outdoor and warehouse. The workshop contains 8 docking production lines. The distance between the outdoor area workshop and the warehouse workshop is about 20m. Multiway Robotics brings flexible, efficient and safe integrated solutions to customers with almost no modification to the environment.


Ⅱ. The project process of unmanned forklift

Introduce highly flexible unmanned forklift solutions suitable for indoor and outdoor according to customer needs, using light stacker unmanned forklift MW-SL14 and self-developed software system WMS/WCS/RCS to realize the flow from raw material warehouse to line side The storage and handling of the buffer area in the handling and raw material warehouse is intelligent.

1. After receiving the tablet task, the warehouse management system WMS automatically selects the starting point of handling according to the calling task, and sends the handling task to the scheduling system RCS;

2. Material online operation area: the dispatching system RCS dispatches unmanned forklifts to the designated location to transport materials to the designated line-side storage location, and transports the empty material racks back to the warehouse connection point;

Cache area replenishment operation area: the scheduling system RCS dispatches unmanned forklifts to the designated connection point to connect the materials and transport them to the designated storage location in the cache area;

3. The unmanned forklift task is completed, continue to the next task or return to the rest area to stand by.


Ⅲ. Project highlights of unmanned forklifts

1. Highly flexible solution for indoor and outdoor linkage

In this project, there are many difficulties such as man-machine mixing, cross-scenario transfer, etc., which put forward higher requirements for the flexibility, high flexibility and operation accuracy of the unmanned forklift.

In view of the multi-area driving situation of unmanned forklifts in this project, Multiway Robotics proposes a highly flexible solution for indoor and outdoor linkage operations. It combines a standardized product matrix with a flexible and intelligent software system to meet the diversified needs of complex scenarios in different industries.


2. No need to transform the site to achieve rapid deployment

Multiway's unmanned forklift uses the laser SLAM natural navigation algorithm for positioning and navigation, and integrates the self-developed "vision system technology "Sky Eye System". Improve efficiency.

For example, in human-computer interaction scenarios, "Pallet Gesture Recognition" realizes accurate picking and placing of goods; in storage and outgoing scenarios, "visual inventory" can easily realize the dataization of cargo information; in high-level shelf scenarios, "material stacking" and "high-level access" effectively improve storage space. utilization, etc.


3. Multi-vehicle collaboration to achieve optimal path planning

Multiway Robotics's self-developed dispatching system RCS can support hundreds of vehicles of different models to work together on the same site and quickly plan optimal paths. In this project, multiple unmanned forklifts have achieved global optimal navigation route planning, completed tasks in the shortest time, and effectively improved logistics efficiency.


Multiway Robotics continues to pursue the ultimate pursuit of product innovation and the careful polishing of application scenarios around customer needs. By building a leading intelligent logistics integrated delivery platform, it helps the leading garment equipment manufacturer to quickly realize the needs of intelligent production and accelerate intelligent transformation.

Up to now, Multiway Robotics has implemented more than 300 projects around the world, covering 20+ industry scenarios. Through modular product deployment, platform system delivery, continuous value provision, and excellent service capabilities for complex scenarios, it helps more enterprises to achieve intelligent logistics upgrades.

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