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Multiway Robotics Helps "Singapore Energy Enterprises" Realize Logistics Automation Upgrade

Recently, the unmanned forklift handling project of an energy company in Singapore was officially delivered, and Multiway Robotics helped its logistics links to realize intelligentization. This project is also another important landmark project of Multiway Robotics in the Southeast Asian market.

In this project, Multiway Robotics uses pallet-type unmanned forklifts to meet the needs of automated logistics handling, improve turnover efficiency, break the island state between the original systems, and realize the visual management of cargo information.

Ⅰ. Solution of pallet unmanned forklift+WCS+RCS

The project is an energy factory with an alkaline environment, which is corrosive to ordinary ferrous metals. In order to better adapt to the on-site environment, some machined parts have been specially treated. The model uses a pallet-type unmanned forklift MW-T20. Combined with the equipment control system WCS and the dispatching system RCS, the software and hardware support matches the on-site needs.

1. Environmental adaptation

The outer spacing of the outriggers is adjusted according to the size of the material rack, the end surfaces of the outriggers are wrapped in stainless steel, and a snap-on anti-overturning device is added to better adapt to the alkaline environment of the factory.


2. Function matching

A code scanning module is added at the root of the outrigger for the return of cargo information; the visual gesture recognition function is added to the whole vehicle to improve flexibility.


3. System connection

The WCS equipment control system is connected with the PLC production system and the WMS warehouse management system, receiving and dispatching scheduling tasks, returning scan code information, vehicle intelligent scheduling, automatic charging management, etc.


4. Security

An obstacle avoidance radar is installed on the top of the cargo (tip of the outrigger), combined with the standard modules of the original car such as photoelectric sensor, sound and light warning, emergency stop button, anti-collision touch edge, etc., to protect the navigation in an all-round way.


Operation process: First, issue an instruction through the dispatching system, the unmanned forklift transports the goods to be cleaned to the temporary storage area of the cleaning line, and feeds back the number obtained by scanning the code to the system when picking up the goods; the unmanned forklift transports the cleaned goods until the cleaning is completed and the temporary storage is completed. area, and feedback the completion signal to the system. After completing the logistics automation upgrade, the production efficiency of the energy enterprise has been greatly improved, and the management cost has been effectively reduced.

Ⅱ. Unmanned forklifts are fully deployed in the international market, and overseas business is accelerated

Intelligent logistics is the trend of future industrial transformation. Facing the complexity of the global market and the fierce competition, Multiway Robotics has built deep technical barriers in the fields of positioning and navigation, motion control, multi-vehicle scheduling, flexible perception and safety obstacle avoidance. Guided by market demand, constantly enriching its own application scene experience accumulation, vigorously promoting the accelerated penetration of mobile robots into various application scenarios in various industries. So far, Multiway Robotics has landed 300+ projects, including food, medicine, automobile, new energy, 3C, etc. multi-industry.

In the future, Multiway Robotics will continue to iteratively innovate products and polish application scenarios based on customer needs, and maintain a synchronous drive at home and abroad.

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