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Multiway Robotics Helps Aluminum Companies to Upgrade Factory Logistics Automation

China is the center of the world's manufacturing industry and a major manufacturing country in the metal casting mold industry. With the rapid development of the economy, my country's hardware casting mold industry market is prosperous, but for a long time, the industry has restricted the development of the industry due to problems such as high labor intensity, high labor costs, high safety hazards, and low degree of automation.

Multiway Robotics assists an aluminum material enterprise in Inner Mongolia to automate point-to-point logistics by means of pallet-type unmanned forklifts + exclusive fork arms, saving labor costs, reducing potential safety hazards, and realizing the upgrading and transformation of in-plant logistics automation.

Ⅰ. Project overview of unmanned forklift

A large aluminum company in Inner Mongolia, the company's products include production, sales and import and export of aluminum and aluminum alloys; recycling, dismantling, product processing and sales of waste aluminum.

1. Handling materials: the whole pallet of aluminum coils;

2. Project status: manual handling → unmanned forklift handling;

3. Project scene: Pallet-type unmanned forklift truck loads from the temporary storage area to the packaging area.

Unmanned Forklift

Ⅱ. The pain points of the unmanned forklift project

1. Operation efficiency: relying on manual operation, high labor intensity and low efficiency in finding goods;

2. Hidden safety hazards: The factory has large dust, and it is easy to cause hidden dangers in the operation process;

3. Cost input: personnel work in three shifts, repetitive manual operations, and the cost remains high;

4. The system is inefficient: the docking system has no traceability and low degree of automation;

5. Future planning: reduce people and costs, increase efficiency and increase capacity, and realize value-added subsidies.

Unmanned Forklift

Ⅲ. The introduction scheme of unmanned forklift

1. Product selection: pallet-type unmanned forklift + exclusive fork arm;

2. System configuration: dispatching system RCS + site management system WMS;

3. Project customization: tray gesture recognition.

Unmanned Forklift

Ⅳ. The work flow of the unmanned forklift

1. Tablet dispatch: adjust the cargo information by holding the tablet, and call the unmanned forklift to pick up the specified goods;

2. System operation: Multiway's RCS scheduling system generates handling tasks, unmanned forklifts go to the temporary storage area to pick up the corresponding aluminum coils, and transport them to the packaging area designated by the line body;

3. Flat panel adjustment: Regularly adjust the cargo information through the flat panel;

4. After the task is completed, the unmanned forklift will automatically run to the automatic charging station, replenish the power by itself or stand by at the standby point.

Unmanned Forklift

Ⅴ. Unmanned forklifts realize the value

1. Improve operation efficiency: realize the automatic handling of raw materials in the temporary storage area at the beginning, optimize the entire production line process, save labor costs, and improve operation efficiency;

2. Inventory visualization: The warehouse management system WMS and the equipment management system WCS realize the linkage of material distribution information, the whole process of paperless information data traceability, and achieve information digitization, automation and intelligent management;

3. Optimize the production efficiency: Through the scheduling system RCS and the storage location management system WMS, the unmanned forklift is automatically dispatched to perform the handling task according to the production line call and the status of each storage location, which greatly improves the handling process and efficiency.

Unmanned Forklift

As a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, Multiway Robotics has industry-leading technical solutions and product capabilities, and is willing to join hands with the industry and enterprises to create a smarter and more efficient factory in the future.

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