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Multiway Robotics: Helping to Upgrade the Automation and Site Management System of a Pharmaceutical Company in Tianjin

The medical device industry is closely related to machinery, medicine, electronics and other industries. It is a high-tech industry integrating technology and knowledge. Its products cover devices, electronic instruments, medical materials and equipment. The management efficiency of the warehouse, the storage place for these products is related to the overall operation of the enterprise.

Ⅰ. Empowerment with the vision system and the flexible upgrade of project

In recent years, with the support of the government in terms of economy and policies, the medical device industry has received more and more attention, and the overall development is gathering momentum, bringing broad development opportunities for its logistics. More and more logistics automation equipment like logistics robots is gradually replacing manual operations, realizing intelligent and unmanned logistics in the field, greatly improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics costs.

Recently, Multiway Robotics joined hands with a well-known medical device company in Tianjin to jointly build an intelligent logistics system to realize the automation and intelligent upgrade of the entire warehouse. According to the actual needs of customers on site, Multiway Robotics uses small counterbalanced unmanned forklifts as the carrier to build intelligent logistics infrastructure thanks to the empowerment of machine vision and complete upper system, and customize highly flexible and efficient intelligent logistics solutions for customers. The details of the project are as follows:

(1) Project scenario: 1000㎡ beam-type shelf warehouse.

(2) Handling materials: whole tray medical equipment.

(3) Handling process: temporary storage area for incoming materials → put on the shelf, take off the shelf → shipping/picking area.

(4) Project pain points:

① The warehouse location and inventory information cannot be effectively controlled.

② It is difficult to ensure the standardization of manual operations, and the damage to the goods is relatively serious.

③ The factor is located in the north and the suburbs of the city, and the work is tedious, so it is difficult to recruit workers.

④ Relying on pure manual operation, it takes much time to pick and place goods, and it is easy to make mistakes.

(5) Project implementation:

A small counterbalanced unmanned forklift is used with a pallet detection system to achieve unmanned, precise and automatic picking and placing of goods.


Ⅱ. Efficient operation, information traceability, and improvement of management effectiveness

(1) Intelligent and efficient automatic operation

The medical device enterprise has a 1000-square-meter beam-type shelf warehouse. The warehouse is located in the northern suburbs, so it is difficult to recruit workers. It relies on pure manual work, and it takes much time to pick and place goods, and it is easy to make mistakes.. In this regard, based on the actual situation of the customer's site, Multiway Robotics selects a small counterbalanced unmanned forklift for the customer to realize fully automatic and precise picking and placing of goods in the whole warehouse, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and solves the problem of difficult recruitment.


(2) Traceability of inventory/location information

In the process of manual operation, the warehouse location and daily inventory information cannot be effectively controlled. Use the Multiway unmanned forklift to upgrade the whole warehouse in an automated way, and realize the whole-process paperless operation and information management and control that can be traced at any time in the whole warehouse.


(3) High-precision docking/reduce cargo damage rate

The standardization of manual operations of enterprises cannot be effectively ensured, and it is very easy to cause damage to goods. Multiway Robotics uses vision technology to empower unmanned forklifts, and uses "pallet posture intelligent recognition" technology to quickly lock the position of goods to achieve precise picking and placement of goods, and can support pallet offsets of ±30cm and ±30°. At the same time, Multiway unmanned forklift has a 360°safety obstacle avoidance function, which greatly reduces the rate of cargo damage.


Logistics automation and intelligence have become the development trend. For complex scenarios in different industries, Multiway Robotics uses unmanned forklifts/AMRs as carriers, and has strict requirements from product selection, solution design to project implementation so as to provide high-efficiency, high-flexibility, high-expansibility on-site intelligent logistics solutions.

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