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Multiway Robotics Has Finished Financing of Tens of Millions of Yuan to Master the Complex Scenario Applications with Leading Performance

Multiway Robotics, a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, recently completed tens of millions of A+ financing led by Albatross Venture and co-invested by existing shareholders Plum Ventures, Plug and Play. This financing round will be used to strengthen technology research and development and marketing team building, achieve continuous acceleration of product research and development, and further expand the market to serve customers better and further strengthen the industry-leading position provided by intelligent logistics solutions market.

Robots are known as "the jewel on the top of the manufacturing crown". Their R&D, manufacturing, and application levels are critical indicators to measure the degree of development of high-end manufacturing. Forklifts are modern industrial essential equipment with a global inventory of over 9 million units. Unmanned forklift is an important segment of mobile robots. The intelligent logistics market entered by unmanned forklifts has a potential scale of over 100 billion. In recent years, unmanned forklifts have gradually replaced them. The market demand for traditional forklifts has increased year by year. It has become the main force of intelligent manufacturing and logistics in the new era by entering production lines, warehouses, and logistics distribution centers—creating faults and managing complex issues.

Ⅰ. The advantages of Multiway Robotics

As a builder of intelligent logistics infrastructure, "Multiway Robotics" is driven by technology, self-developed core hardware, algorithms and software systems, construction of a three-in-one software system platform, and collective evolution, rapid iterative upgrades.

1. The underlying vehicle-mounted system: adopts decoupling design, the logic is independent modules, and the implementation personnel can deploy without debugging the code;

2. The upper-level system supports the simultaneous operation of hundreds of vehicles, realizes intelligent cluster scheduling, manages the entire equipment and information flow, comprehensively predicts and monitors the system status, and ensures the healthy operation of the system;

3. The Multiway cloud system provides remote equipment upgrades, continuous iterative optimization, a unified management platform and an operation and maintenance platform for data collection/feedback analysis, and reports can be customized according to the needs of the enterprise.

"Multiway Robotics" has built a deep competitive barrier through its own software system and provided an integrated on-site intelligent logistics solution with both cost and performance advantages.

Ⅱ. Multiway Robotics Solution

According to reports, the "Multiway Robotics" business grew rapidly in the first half of this year, with a growth rate of more than 500 percent compared to the entire year of 2020. The second phase of the layout is currently being implemented, and overall progress is being made at a rapid pace. On the hardware product service side, the development and update iteration of the entire series of unmanned forklift, AMR, and AGV tractor have been completed, mature products and solutions have been polished, and offline scenarios have been commercialized, all based on the core technology of fully independent research and development. The landing was flawless. At the moment, it has established extensive collaboration with leading companies in various industries, including food, medicine, new energy, and automobiles.

"Multiway Robotics" is customer-centric, constantly iteratively upgrading products and solutions, and has made breakthroughs in differentiated scene technologies, such as developing and implementing vision system technology. Its performance allows it to be used in many complex scenes. , Provide such as "unmanned loading and unloading truck", "unmanned visual inventory", "location detection", "tray attitude recognition", "cage stacking", "high storage visual aid", "intelligent pose recognition", "Flexible solutions with higher barriers such as "vehicle-road synergy".

Talking about the plan for this round of financing, "Microbot" stated that it would continue to provide unmanned transportation infrastructure based on unmanned forklifts while continuing to make efforts in its core market areas to offer intelligent logistics with integrated software and hardware. Solutions to provide customers with excellent smart facilities + digital platform.

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