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Multiway Robot Won the A2 Round of Financing of over 100 Million Yuan, and Implemented Complex Scenarios with Flexible Solutions

The leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider "Multiway Robot" has recently received over 100 million yuan in A2 round of financing. This round of financing was led by Genesis Partners Capital CCV, with Yuewei Capital serving as the exclusive financial advisor.

As a builder of intelligent logistics infrastructure, Multiway Robot can provide enterprises with integrated software and hardware intelligent logistics solutions. Hardware products include: various types of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and storage robots, and software systems include: Multiway Cloud, WMS, WCS, on-site management system, and Multiway vision system.

Up to now, Multiway Robot has served hundreds of large-scale enterprise customers, covering 20+ industry scenarios. Compared with 2020, the orders in 2021 will achieve a rapid growth of over 2,000%. Among the cooperative customers are many of the world's top 500 companies, industry leaders, Benchmarking companies such as Hidden Champions.

1. From the point of view of hardware products, the unmanned forklift of Multiway Robot has several advantages:

One is the continuous innovation ability. Its innovative product "Mai Zhelun α1" can realize the transportation of 2 consignments of goods at a time, and the single-vehicle investment doubles the benefits.

The second is the industry's most complete full range of unmanned forklifts, which can provide customers with intelligent logistics solutions in various scenarios.

The third is the stability of the product system. In addition to the necessary strict quality inspection, each product must also pass the high-standard MTBF trouble-free inspection test.

The fourth is the breakthrough of the core algorithm, which increases the maximum lift height of the unmanned forklift to 10 meters, and improves the positioning accuracy to an accuracy of ±5mm for primary positioning and ±2mm for secondary positioning. This is the result of an end-to-end product and R&D strategy. It can meet the needs of more demanding scenarios.

Unmanned Forklift

2. Unmanned forklifts at the solution level

Through the self-developed Sky Eye system, under the condition of optimizing the algorithm ability, developed "pallet attitude recognition", "storage location detection", "visual inventory", "material cage stacking", "high storage", "dimension measurement", "Clamping and telescopic", "unmanned loading and unloading trucks" and other core complex adaptive scene technologies, different customer sites can be quickly configured and easily imported. For example, "Pallet Gesture Recognition" can automatically acquire and transport pallets when the pallet is 80 cm away from front, back, left and right, and the inclination angle is 45 degrees, which greatly improves the flexibility of the solution.

Secondly, Multiway Robot has also developed a distributed scheduling system. The advantage of using a distributed system is that any vehicle body can become the dispatching server in the entire field, which saves the cost of the central dispatching server and improves dispatching efficiency.

Once again, it is the mobile micro cloud system. By providing a cloud platform to enterprises, data collection and feedback analysis can be performed, and reports can be customized according to enterprise needs. At the same time, it can help the data information of inter-enterprise factories to go to the cloud, and conduct low-code development based on existing platforms.

Unmanned Forklift

A complete set of end-to-end solutions from the underlying core sensor, to the core algorithm, to the upper system. By improving the algorithm and flexibility of the system, we can realize the platformization, standardization and universalization of products and solutions, and use standard products and standard solutions to meet the fragmented needs of different industries and different scenarios, and greatly reduce the need for customers to import intelligent logistics systems. marginal cost.

Unmanned Forklift

Next, in addition to continuous technical development, product polishing, and deepening of logistics scenario applications, while supporting the company's rapid development, Maiko Robotics will further increase market development efforts, and build a framework that covers the entire life cycle of customers, provides fast delivery, and responds quickly. The service system, strengthen its core competitiveness, effectively deal with the increasingly complex industry competition environment and meet the diversified needs of customers in an all-round way, and solve various practical problems.

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