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Multiway Robot Landed in Complex Scenes with Leading Performance and Delivered a Series of Benchmark Cases

In 2021, under the background of "Industry 4.0", China's intelligent logistics industry is developing rapidly. Thanks to policy promotion, manufacturing transformation and upgrading, and its own scientific and technological research and development strength, mobile micro-robots will carry out in-depth cooperation with many industries. Many benchmarking projects have been implemented in production line logistics, warehousing logistics and other scenarios in industries such as automobiles and new energy.

1. Counterbalance forklift is used for heavy material transfer in metallurgical industry

The client of this project is a metallurgical enterprise, which has an annual production capacity of several million tons of titanium concentrate, vanadium products, and titanium dioxide. It is the world's major supplier of vanadium products.

In a metallurgical factory with harsh environment, how to improve the efficiency of handling large-ton goods is the key. The model used in this project is a hydraulic counterbalanced truck with a load of 5 tons and a speed of 2.6m/s. The project gives full play to the advantages of the self-developed system, which is extremely stable and cost-effective. With the support of the scheduling system RCS and the on-site management system WMS, it can be connected with various equipment during the handling process, improving handling efficiency, and realizing the visualization of on-site inventory information, data management, automatic charging, automatic uninterrupted operation all day, greatly improving efficiency and saving labor costs.

2. The AGV system regulates the operation of unmanned forklifts in drinking water enterprises

The client of this project is one of the early enterprises specializing in the production of packaged drinking water in China. Due to the rich variety of products, there are many product SKUs.

For drinking water plants with a large number of users and a mature market, how to accelerate the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the industry is the top priority. Through the self-developed dispatching system RCS—cooperating with multiple unmanned forklifts to work efficiently; on-site management system WMS—breaking the information silos to realize data-based and visual management of factory information, and docking system WCS—allowing pallet-type unmanned operation in the factory The forklift quickly connects with automatic doors, hoists and other equipment, effectively improving the operation efficiency and helping the intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of drinking water enterprises.

3. Explosion-proof unmanned forklift: automatic connection between the upper and lower processes of the pharmaceutical workshop

The client of this project is a pharmaceutical company, which has three major factories and more than 30 modern production workshops. The products involve 8 dosage forms and nearly 400 product specifications.


The working environment of the pharmaceutical factory is harsh and dangerous, and the information linkage is poor. Mowei tailors clothes according to customer needs, refits explosion-proof stacker unmanned forklifts, and configures dispatching system RCS + docking system WCS (WMS material control system and takeover equipment docking) , to achieve safe, stable and efficient operation of unmanned forklifts in the factory, and visual management of data and information.

4. Multi-vehicle collaboration (pallet truck AGV + AGV forward truck): full-process intelligent warehousing

The client of this project is a third-party overseas warehouse, which mainly brings imported brand toys and daily necessities to Chinese consumers. The products supplied and sold are more than 30 domestic and international famous brands and more than 300 SKUs.

This toy company has a wide range of products, but the overall weight is not large. The main difficulty is SKU management. The light pallet truck AGV is used, and with the coordination of the dispatching system RCS + docking system WCS (WMS), data management and high-efficiency handling are realized.

As a builder of intelligent logistics infrastructure, Mobility Robot is driven by technology, self-developed core hardware, algorithms and software systems.

Through its own software system, Maiko Robot has built a deep competitive barrier and provided an integrated on-site intelligent logistics solution with both cost and performance advantages.

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