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Multiway Robot Joins Hands with Hainan Pharmaceutical Enterprises to Create a New Model of Intelligent Logistics

The pharmaceutical industry is divided into the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical distribution industry. It has high requirements for the standardization and speediness of on-site logistics, and at the same time needs to deal with the ever-changing strict regulatory requirements and the fierce market competition environment.

How to shorten the delivery cycle, reduce distribution costs, improve drug quality, and improve service levels is a question for every practitioner in the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, Multiway Robotics has joined hands with an international pharmaceutical company to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent logistics, helping the pharmaceutical company realize logistics intelligence and information digitization, and enhance its own competitiveness to cope with changing market demands.

Ⅰ. Flexible and intelligent logistics solutions for unmanned forklifts to solve the disadvantages of traditional handling

The traditional manual handling mode is labor-intensive, and the rising labor cost also puts pressure on the enterprise; however, the enterprise order structure, storage mode, and operation mode are diverse, and manual handling is prone to problems of low efficiency and low accuracy.

In addition, due to the wide variety of drugs and complex drug storage conditions, the professional requirements for logistics are high, and multi-temperature zones and cross-floor handling operations are often required. The alternating cold and hot environment challenges human physiology. Therefore, it is urgent to use advanced technology and The equipment optimizes the handling work of each link to improve production efficiency.

Multiway Robot has a full range of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors and storage robots, which can provide integrated intelligent logistics solutions for handling and storage. Driven by technology, self-developed core hardware & algorithms, Multiway Robot has built a deep technical barrier, and has many successful cases in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ⅱ. Pure SLAM natural navigation of unmanned forklifts, zero modification on site

Multiway Robotics provided the pharmaceutical company with a flexible solution combining software and hardware of "height-type unmanned forklift MW-SL14 + intelligent dispatching system RCS + equipment control system WCS", which realized fully automated operations in the process and greatly improved efficiency, and fully demonstrated the unique advantages of the program:

1. Pure slam laser navigation, real-time creation of maps and correction of robot positions, no need for manual layout of markers such as QR codes, reflectors, etc., truly realizing zero transformation of the working environment and adapting to any environment.

An overly uniform long straight road environment usually affects the judgment of the front and rear distances of slam laser navigation. The excellent laser SLAM natural navigation algorithm of Multiway Robot is not only suitable for long straight road driving, but also has a positioning accuracy of ±5mm for one positioning.

2. The equipment control system WCS connects the upstream and downstream and integrates the equipment of the whole field. During the operation of the unmanned forklift, it automatically and seamlessly connects the conveyor line, hoist, wrapping machine, automatic door and other equipment to reduce the waste of robot waiting time, with industry-leading efficiency.

3. The stackable unmanned forklift MW-SL14 has a small appearance and is suitable for extremely narrow aisles. The turning radius is only 1140mm, which saves its working space by 30% compared with other robots.

4. With the support of the intelligent scheduling system RCS, multiple unmanned forklifts can effectively solve congestion, waiting, and locked-up situations through intelligent traffic control scheduling and multi-machine unified path planning in a 2m-wide roadway, and achieve global optimal path optimization, the operational efficiency is increased by 40%.

The circulation and sales of medicines are closely related to the lives and health of citizens, and the production logistics of the pharmaceutical industry, as the link in the pharmaceutical production process, plays a role that cannot be underestimated. At present, Multiway Robot has completed a number of various types of projects in the pharmaceutical industry, involving medical device production, pharmaceutical equipment research and development, chemical drug raw material drug manufacturing, chemical drug preparation manufacturing and other fields. The business covers raw materials, excipients, packaging materials, semi-finished products, finished products and other logistics links.

With the expansion of business coverage, the flexible solutions matched by Multiway Robot for the product characteristics of different fields in the pharmaceutical industry are also constantly iterating and innovating. Under the premise of meeting the process requirements, it can quickly, stably and efficiently copy and run. Next, Multiway Robotics will continue to expand various logistics scenarios in the pharmaceutical industry, relying on its mature experience in landing 200+ projects around the world, to accelerate the pace of intelligent logistics reforms for more pharmaceutical companies.

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