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Multiway Robot Cases: the Food Industry Integrated Intelligent Logistics Solution Improves Efficiency!

With the continuous expansion of the food market, market demand has put forward higher requirements for food processing enterprises to store, respond to orders, and produce. This has forced many food companies to start thinking about how to improve efficiency from production to sales and use automated machinery to meet the growing needs of enterprise development.

Ⅰ. The food industry is facing many problems, and the Multiway unmanned forklift brings industrial transformation

In addition to the challenges brought by the demand side, the food industry is also facing a series of challenges. In the food production workshop, raw materials or finished product warehouses have many types of materials and heavy weights. Materials need to be transported to the production line frequently and efficiently. There is a great safety hazard in the transportation of goods, and it is impossible to realize the intelligence and informatization of logistics. How to improve the efficiency of food processing and circulation? How to effectively grasp inventory information? How to accurately predict order sales and inventory statistics to reduce inventory backlog? It has become a problem that many food companies need to solve urgently.

The leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, Micro Robot has carried out in-depth cooperation with many customers in the food industry to improve the level of on-site logistics automation for food companies, improve operation accuracy, handling efficiency, solve logistics management chaos, high labor costs, peaks To solve problems such as high shipping pressure, realize the intelligentization of food production and food enterprise management, and help the transformation and upgrading of the food industry.

Ⅱ. The application of unmanned forklift in the food industry

1. Food packaging material production line distribution

Pallet type unmanned forklift MW-T20+RCS+WMS+WCS

Unmanned Forklift

In this scenario, the supply of raw materials is launched, and the carton packaging materials need to be transported from the auxiliary material warehouse to the production line. The pallet-type unmanned forklift cooperates with the dispatching system RCS + site management system WMS + docking system WCS independently developed by Multiway to realize intelligent material distribution. 

2. Whole field automation of food and feed

Counterweight Unmanned Forklift MW-E35+RCS+WMS+Weighing System

Unmanned Forklift

This scenario is an 8,000-square-meter ground-stack warehouse. It is necessary to weigh the bagged feed into the warehouse, out of the warehouse and feed, and the finished product to be transported into and out of the warehouse. The hydraulic large-balanced unmanned forklift and dispatching system RCS + site management system WMS + weighing Heavy system + WIFI + docking system WCS, realize the intelligentization of logistics handling in the whole field.

3. Intelligent warehousing of food packaging products

Pallet type unmanned forklift MW-T20+RCS+WMS

Unmanned Forklift

The scene is a 40,000-square-meter ground-level storage warehouse with lights off. It is necessary to transport finished wine packaging boxes into and out of the warehouse. The pallet-type unmanned forklift and dispatching system RCS + on-site management system WMS are used to realize intelligent handling and inbound and outbound storage.

4. Food FMCG palletizing and warehousing

Counterweight Unmanned Forklift MW-SE12+Sky Eye System+RCS+WCS

Unmanned Forklift

In this scenario, the finished products are automatically palletized or manually palletized into the warehouse. It is necessary to move the FMCG from the automatic/manual palletizing line to the vertical warehouse elevator. Through the counterweight unmanned forklift and dispatching system RCS + Sky Eye system + docking system WCS, realizing intelligent transportation.

5. Wooden frames of food and agricultural products are stacked and put into storage

Counterweight Unmanned Forklift MW-SE12+Sky Eye System+RCS+WMS

Unmanned Forklift

In this scenario, agricultural products are put into storage, and the agricultural products need to be moved from the unloading area of the production line to the stacking storage area through wooden frame stacking. Through the counterweight unmanned forklift and the dispatching system RCS + warehouse management system WMS, the logistics automation transformation and upgrading of the enterprise can be realized.

At present, the logistics automation of the food industry in some areas is still in its infancy. Whether it is the circulation of food processing goods, the in-out processing of raw materials and finished products in the warehouse, and the visual management of inventory, the support of digital and intelligent systems is urgently needed to truly transform food from procurement, production, processing, warehousing and distribution are effectively integrated, and the industry's intelligent manufacturing upgrade is truly realized.

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