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Multiway offers intralogistics solutions to help Garment Accessory Enterprise in Upgrading Logistics Digitization

The diversified demand for domestic clothing brands has also promoted the further expansion of the garment accessory market. Under the trend of intelligent manufacturing upgrading in the industry, information technology, automation technology, and equipment have been introduced into the field of garment accessory logistics. Intelligent upgrading is one of the important ways to enhance enterprise competitiveness. By introducing MobiRobotics unmanned forklift solution, labor costs are saved, management is digitized, and factory automation level is improved.




This case focuses on a world-leading large trademark weaving group, specializing in manufacturing woven embroidery, printing trademarks, and various types of garment accessory products. In the past, manual operation was used for material handling in the factory, which not only resulted in high labor costs and heavy workload for employees, but also low flexibility for on-demand storage and poor handling efficiency, which restricted the development of the enterprise.

In addition, the project site presents significant challenges for manual labor due to varying pallet sizes, shelf heights, narrow and wide aisles, and different placement of goods. Facing the chaotic storage environment, MobiRobotics uses a flexible and intelligent logistics solution that integrates software and hardware to significantly improve the adaptability of complex scenarios.


In the warehouse and temporary storage area, multiple efficient and intelligent stacker-style unmanned forklifts MW-SL14 are deployed to achieve automated logistics in multiple scenarios such as unloading raw materials, unloading goods, loading and unloading on the production line, and indoor and outdoor transportation. Handling process: After the truck unloads, the WMS warehouse management system updates the receipt and plans the storage location in the temporary storage area according to the type of goods; after receiving the task, the unmanned forklift transports the raw materials from the loading point to the storage area shelf and updates the location information by identifying the pallet RFID tag; when goods are to be shipped out, the WMS warehouse management system receives the picking list, and the unmanned forklift goes to the corresponding shelf according to the list and transports the goods to the lower storage location and updates the location information.

At the same time, the self-developed WCS equipment control system provides open standard interfaces, which can be connected to the factory's ERP system and WMS system to achieve inventory data management, operation management, location management, warehouse equipment health monitoring, and intelligent report management, and obtain real-time inventory and cost occupancy information.



After the project went online, it received high praise from customers. After introducing the unmanned forklift solution, the flexibility of issuing inbound and outbound tasks was improved, and the information management of goods was effective. The vehicle, equipment, goods, and location information of the entire site are interconnected, and the handling efficiency and accuracy of inbound and outbound and loading and unloading have been improved overall. The successful logistics intelligence transformation of this factory provides a sample for subsequent enterprises that want to try transformation and upgrading.

Unmanned forklift solution can flexibly adapt to the environment, deploy quickly and flexibly, and form "standardized products + flexible solutions" according to the characteristics of different industries, shorten delivery time, quickly replicate projects, and inject new energy into industry development. Currently, MobiRobotics products and solutions are widely used in many industries such as new energy, automobiles, food, medicine, new energy, and 3PL. They have served more than 300 corporate customers, including more than 20 industry leaders, and have been recognized by many customers.

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