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Multiway Micro-robots: Multiple Protections to Avoid Safety Risks in Unmanned Forklift Operations in an All-round Way

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), autonomous mobile robots are growing rapidly in the logistics automation market and are expected to reach 700,000 units by 2022, up from 110,000 units in 2018. According to this projection, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the manufacturing industry will reach 45%. While a mobile robot should be able to operate safely in a crowd according to its design criteria, the rapidly changing market often leaves businesses confused about how to ensure the safe use of mobile robots.

What safety requirements should unmanned forklift AGVs meet today? What measures do unmanned forklift AGV solution providers take to avoid operational safety risks? Next, let's take an in-depth look at some of the measures that the robot has taken to prevent unmanned forklift AGV safety risks.

1. Dynamic planning of the AGV path of the Mawei unmanned forklift truck

Based on a completely self-developed solution, when the AGV uses sensors and software algorithms to complete specified tasks, in a dynamic environment with many uncertainties, such as: the road ahead is congested, the dispatching system re-plans other smooth routes. For unmanned forklifts, the travel time is shortened and the operation efficiency is improved; another example is the unmanned forklift on the route ahead, the dispatching system autonomously locks the current route, and subsequent vehicles pass through other routes to avoid stopping the line.


2. 360° sound and light warning of AGV for Multiway unmanned forklift truck

The Moowei unmanned forklift AGV has 360 all-round visual and auditory warnings, and personnel can easily and intuitively understand the real-time motion status of the unmanned forklift AGV; for example, the on-board voice player broadcasts through voice: "The unmanned forklift is running, please pay attention to avoidance. ", reminding personnel to pay attention to avoidance; the warning lights equipped on the roof inform personnel of the operating status of the unmanned forklift through the bright light color: "red represents failure, green represents normal"; into the unmanned forklift operating area". Through all-round advance warning, the operation safety of personnel and unmanned forklift AGVs can be improved to a greater extent.


3. Multiway unmanned forklift agv remote multi-directional laser obstacle avoidance

AGV built-in various safety sensors for obstacle avoidance protection, non-contact safety design, using laser to identify surrounding obstacles, and can support up to 10m long-distance obstacle detection; through the combination of multiple sensors, it can meet 360 ° plane obstacles Object detection, 270° façade obstacle perception, and multiple strategies such as overspeed monitoring, regional optimization, safe speed limit, and false point shielding to cope with different working conditions and improve the safety adaptation capability in the scene.


4. AGV close-up protection of Multiway unmanned forklift truck

During the operation of the unmanned forklift AGV, it is inevitable that extreme abnormal working conditions will occur, such as a sudden intrusion in front of an item. Based on the safety of extreme working conditions, the driving end of the AGV head of the unmanned forklift truck is equipped with a ring-shaped electronic contact edge. In the event of an emergency collision, the unmanned forklift AGV will automatically stop and emit an urgent warning sound and a red light will be highlighted for warning. In order to avoid collisions, the AGV body of the Mawei unmanned forklift truck is also equipped with a red emergency stop switch on both sides of the body. As long as the emergency stop switch is pressed, it will stop immediately and give an alarm.


5. AGV safety closed-loop system linkage of Multiway unmanned forklift truck

The AGV of the unmanned forklift truck has a built-in safety closed-loop system, which ensures that when any safety device fails, the self-developed on-board system can effectively control the vehicle to stop operation and give an alarm. The unmanned forklift AGV body is equipped with a safety laser sensor, a photoelectric switch at the tip of the fork arm, an electronic edge, an emergency stop switch, etc. The on-board system autonomously collects the status of each device in real time (whether it is faulty), and when any device fails (failure), Both can cut off the power supply of the unmanned forklift AGV, and stop the alarm to avoid continued operation in the event of failure of the safety device, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

The self-developed in-vehicle system of Multiway can sense the posture of the unmanned forklift at each position on the map in real time. When the unmanned forklift AGV has path deviation, abnormal positioning, communication failure and other problems, the in-vehicle system can control the parking in time and give an alarm.

In terms of function, the AGV of Multiway unmanned forklift can avoid collision by prompting, decelerating to stop or holding the brake, so as to avoid obstacles; the design complies with all relevant safety standards, aiming to maximize the safety performance in expected use.

Maewei nmanned forklift AGV can not only meet the mechanical safety standards, but also give users additional functional help to deal with unexpected risks, multiple protections, and comprehensively avoid the safety risks of unmanned forklift operations. We firmly believe that strong independent research and development strength and continuous innovation ability are the foundation of the company's continuous growth, and it is also the source of long-term customer service and customer empowerment; product safety and high-quality product delivery are the guarantee of customers!

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