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Multiway in CeMAT: Multiway Presents AMR Robot in CeMAT Asia 2021

On October 26, 2021, CeMAT ASIA 2021, the Asian logistics exhibition, opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Multiway Robotics, a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, unveiled its fourth-generation unmanned loading and unloading vehicle, tray/cage gesture recognition function, vehicle-road collaborative safety protection and other segmented scene solutions. Counterbalanced unmanned forklifts, omni-directional stacking unmanned forklifts, light stacking unmanned forklifts, as well as the new form of α1 with fully self-developed and unique patented technology by Multiway, fully demonstrated the cutting-edge applications of mobile robot technology in smart manufacturing and smart warehousing.pic3.jpg

1. Innovation-driven and leading technology

1. Unmanned loading and unloading vehicles: compatible with unmanned loading and unloading of any specifications such as flatbed, flying wing, cargo compartment, and any compartment size.

Using AI algorithm, a fusion of deep learning environment perception + dynamic location planning + pallet inspection technology, to realize unmanned loading and unloading of goods. In the entire process of unmanned loading and unloading, firstly, the location of the truck and the storage space is detected by 3D lidar, and the first positioning is performed, and the dynamic storage space planning is carried out according to the shape of the carriage to achieve the best loading plan. At the same time, the location data is fed back to the WMS system in detection. WMS informs the dispatching system to dispatch the unmanned forklift to complete the entire unmanned loading and unloading process. During the loading and unloading process of the goods, the unmanned forklift can perform secondary positioning and correction through the on-board vision, and adjust the input height and angle of the fork and the driving path to complete the entire loading and unloading process. Currently, the truck can support an angle deviation of ±20° and a position deviation of ±1m.

In the storage area, load the panoramic skyeye vision system to identify vehicles, goods, personnel and other objects in the scene; real-time detection can alarm potential safety hazards such as illegal intrusion of personnel and improper on-site operations, and the deviation of goods in the storage location exceeding the preset value. Alarms are issued at any time to realize the dynamic detection of warehouse location status by issuing automatic handling instructions and can be connected to the background system to realize transparent and real-time management of warehouse information.

2. New upgrade of posture intelligent recognition technology: manual release at will, precise and easy access

Based on the vision and deep learning, it can quickly lock the position of the goods to achieve accurate picking and placing. This technology has been fully upgraded after the CeMAT 2020 Asia Logistics Exhibition last year. It can now support pallet deviation ±45°, ±80cm and standardization and platformization for products and solutions. The requirements for manual delivery are further reduced. Without any training and constraints, it can collaborate with the unmanned vehicle system, which greatly reduces the marginal cost of customers importing intelligent logistics systems, promotes the continuous upgrade of the algorithm optimization and continuous iteration of the software system, improves of the overall flexibility and adaptability of complex scenarios and the continuous polishing and innovation of products.

3. Naturally high-energy, intelligent and efficient with twice the efficiency

Continuous innovation is the foundation of the company's growth. As the industry's unique patented technology, the Multiway robot α1 was also grandly revealed in this exhibition in advance. α1 products are inherently high-energy, intelligent and efficient, and can take two pallets of goods at a time, and support horizontal and omnidirectional movement, spinning, turning, drifting, forward and backward, etc., requires extremely low on roadways, which greatly improves the use of space, and is more flexible and efficient.

In the same period of CeMAT ASIA 2021, on the morning of October 28th, Shanghai New International Expo Center · Inner Square Forum Area OW2, Multiway Robot will also hold a new product launch conference for the α1 model.

4. Make the roadway narrower, increase the value of the site, and maximize the production capacity

In the warehouse, the storage capacity directly restricts the production capacity of the factory; in the production workshop, under the same handling frequency, the size of the running space of the car body directly restricts the smoothness of logistics.

Due to the narrow logistics channels and complex road conditions, manual forklift transportation requires manual operation positions, which require large lane widths, rapid traffic congestion, and hidden safety hazards in transportation, and it is impossible to realize intelligent and informatized logistics distribution.

The Multiway robot stacking unmanned forklift adopts laser SLAM navigation method, which has stronger perception ability, adopts omnidirectional motion drive design, and has omnidirectional motion capabilities such as lateral movement, spinning, turning, drift, forward and backward movement, and the narrowest roadway is only It needs 1.85m. The robot is light and small as a whole, flexible in operation, and can perform effective operations in a small space, greatly increasing the storage capacity rate and reducing the working space.

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