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Multiway AMR Robot Won the "Annual Innovation and Technology Award of Senior Engineer"

In the same period of the CeMAT logistics exhibition, the 2021 Senior Engineer Mobile Robot Golden Globe Award, as the most influential award in the industry, was announced. As a leading on-site intelligent logistics solution provider, with deep accumulation and leading advantages in product innovation, technology research and development, and scene services, Multiway won the 2021 Annual Innovation and Technology Award.pic4.jpg

1. Product innovation 

Based on the needs of customers, the core technology completely independently researched and developed has completed the development and update iterations of the entire series of unmanned forklift, AMR, and AGV tractor, and created a new form of the α series single-vehicle with a double efficiency improvement. The model has realized the perfect commercial use in offline scenarios.

At present, we have reached in-depth cooperation with leading companies in various industries such as food, medicine, new energy, and automobiles. As of the third quarter, compared with the whole of last year, Multiway has grown rapidly, with a growth rate of over 1000%.

2. Technological innovation

Relying on machine vision and deep learning, it has greatly promoted the on-site flexibility and adaptability of the solution, reducing the need for on-site transformation, reducing process constraints, reducing implementation costs, and shortening delivery time, and it supports most scenarios with flexibility and intelligence.

In terms of vision, in-depth work has made major breakthroughs, and has developed "location dynamic monitoring", "high-position inventory", "tray attitude recognition", "multi-layer cage stacking", "high-position storage", "dimension measurement", "clamping and retracting", "unmanned loading and unloading trucks" and other core complex adaptive scene technologies. Multiway Horizons can provide a complete vision solution. Different customer sites can be quickly configured and easily imported.

Multiway continues to innovate and cultivate the industry to bring products closer to the practical site. We will continue to improve and iterate products for practical applications in the industry, and create products that meet the actual needs of customers. In production technology and processes, including new processes and new equipment, will also be further applied to new product technologies, and will further promote the gradual integration of AMR automated mobile robot, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence technologies. Multiway will continue to innovate and iterate from product technology to overall solutions to provide customers with better products and solutions.

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