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Mobility Robots Help Auto Parts Enterprises Logistics Intelligent Upgrade and Lean Management in Robot+ Era

There are many specifications of parts and components in the automotive industry, and the complex operating environment and high safety standards have brought many challenges to all aspects such as on-site management, warehousing planning, and equipment coordination at the manufacturing end.

Recently, Multiway Robot helped a parts production group in the automotive industry to achieve intelligent logistics upgrades in a series of scenarios from production lines to loading platforms.

Ⅰ. Multiway unmanned forklifts help auto parts manufacturers to upgrade their logistics intelligence

The main difficulties faced by the auto parts production plant are:

1. Large cost input: 24h uninterrupted operation, labor input cost remains high.

2. Labor intensity: The palletizing requirements are high (6-layer palletizing), and the labor intensity is high.

3. Inventory management: The linkage of material information cannot be realized, and it cannot be effectively controlled.

Unmanned Forklift

According to customer requirements, it is necessary to automate the warehousing, stacking and depalletizing of finished gearboxes offline, involving a total of 5 parts in the handling area, namely: production line, storage yard, cargo yard, shipping yard, and loading platform.

Unmanned Forklift

On the hardware side, the company finally adopted the counterweight unmanned forklift MW-SE20 model with a load capacity of 2T, which efficiently meets the requirements of high precision, lifting height and load capacity for palletizing in auto parts production factories.

In terms of software, through the mobile micro-robot automatic scheduling system RCS, equipment control system WCS, and warehouse management system WMS, equipment interconnection, data exchange, warehouse location visualization, comprehensive control of vehicle operation status, and support for collaborative scheduling of various models, various hybrid warehouse management and multi-equipment system module integration realize system intelligence and storage optimization in the field.

Unmanned Forklift

2. Multi unmanned forklifts meet the logistics requirements of different scenarios

Taking advantage of its own technical advantages, Multiway robot has built a leading intelligent logistics integrated delivery platform from product definition, product development, and technology-driven, and completed the creation of a full range of products such as unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors, and storage robots. And through the implementation of AI algorithms in the application field, combined with comprehensive coordination with other peripheral equipment, WCS, WMS and other systems, to provide a one-stop on-site intelligent logistics solution, which not only reduces labor to the greatest extent for the auto parts production plant The cost also meets the requirements of efficient production tact time, effectively improving the handling efficiency!

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