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Mobile Micro Robot α1 Series

A new product launched by Mi Micro Robot-"Mai Zhe Lun α1". As the industry’s first and unique patent, a new form of unmanned forklift with inherently high energy, "Maizhelun α1" relies on a single 2 pallet and extremely high use efficiency to meet the enterprise's dual pursuit of cost and efficiency. Once it is released, it will quickly It has become the focus of attention. While the appearance of the double-plug style and the hard-core performance are double-stacked, the introduction design combined with the bicycle distributed dispatching system has attracted more attention. At CeMAT ASIA 2021, it has been praised by many industry veterans as a truly innovative work.


2 pallets per time

Efficiency doubling

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is a common topic for enterprises. How to improve efficiency while reducing cost input as much as possible. The new form of unmanned forklift "Mingzhelun α1" can transport 2 pallets of goods at a time. For efficient customers, it is very attractive. The built-in lifting mechanism can lift up to 1000mm, the load of single pallet can reach 1500kg, and the full load of double pallet can reach 3000kg. After the enterprise is introduced, the related upstream and downstream links related to production, warehousing, logistics, etc. can be greatly optimized , Significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency, and continue to gain value.


▲ Extreme efficiency, can carry 2 pallets at a time

Small body, big accomplishment

Amazing hardcore power

The new form of unmanned forklift "Mingzhelun α1" supports lateral movement, spinning, turning, drifting, forward and backward, and has all-round driving performance. It is suitable for transportation in narrow lanes and horizontal transportation in warehouses. It can be used with elevators and hoists. , Automatic doors, manipulators, conveyor lines and other equipment are flexibly docked; because of its external dimensions, length*width*height is only 1500*1000*1450mm, the narrowest part of the roadway only needs 1500mm, and it has the ability to move and spin at the same time. Passing freely in the roadway, the application of workshops or warehouses in the creation of dense storage scenarios can greatly improve the space utilization of the enterprise, with multiple performance advantages, and make it more widely applicable to matching scenarios.


▲ High performance, wider matching scenarios

360° three-dimensional protection

All-round escort

The new form of unmanned forklift "Maizhelun α1" uses safety sensors, algorithm control systems, visual system assistance and other aspects to improve operation safety. Safety sensor protection includes: voice warning, obstacle avoidance radar, emergency stop button, remote parking; control; System protection includes: deviation path protection, positioning exception protection, communication failure protection, component failure protection, once a system problem occurs, the system immediately triggers the shutdown and alarm; the visual system auxiliary protection can be installed in the work area to prevent the whole site. The detection and monitoring of human forklift operation warehouses, warning of potential safety hazards such as illegal entry and improper operation, alarms for warehouse cargo deviations exceeding preset values, and multiple protections to escort the operation in all directions.

Excellent products can withstand the test of the market, fill gaps in the market, and promote the development of the industry. Innovation is not a simple version iteration, but a redefinition of products based on market demands. With the characteristics of simplicity, safety, efficiency, power and intelligence, the new form of unmanned forklift "Mingzhelun α1", a new form of mobile micro-robots, has not only led the development of the industry, but also activated the market for repurchase needs.

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