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Main Features of Today's AGV Trucks

AGV trucks are mainly composed of power control systems, handling information systems, self-maintenance social systems and another national basic education system of the enterprise. According to their own needs and daily life, manufacturers will make reasonable adjustments to the external structure and internal system. And manufacturers are more rigorous about them because they need to ensure the service life of the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) while they meet the customers' needs. Nowadays with the improvement of users’ requirements, many domestic manufacturers have started to produce, research and develop it. But different AGV automatic carrier is similar to some extent, especially in terms of many basic features. So what are the characteristics of the highly-technical AGV trucks?

1. AGV reach trucks are adaptable

The former AGV reach truck has a certain amount of preparation work prior to the need, such as before sticking strips to the track, which can ensure the AGV  truck run in accordance with the track, otherwise, the truck is difficult to keep up with the larger workload. Now, this preparation is a waste of time, and it also restricts the AGV's behavior. If unexpected or unexpected changes occur during operation, it will need to reorganize the track, which results in inefficiency. You will learn more about AGV reach truck

Based on today's technology development, the automated pallet truck don't need to do preparation work, even after a period of weeks, it can go into the work state immediately unless they enter a new environment which requires AGV  truck walk to establish the geography map in the new environment. And It will be confident to handwork in accordance with the instructions' map.

2. The arithmetic of AGV reach trucks is accurate

Lots of enterprises buy AGV in order to replace humans to complete some tasks that can improve efficiency and save costs. When carrying goods, the AGV system will be given instructions by the staff, and then the agvs pallet trucks will receive the instructions and carry out the handling work in the most convenient, safe, efficient, and quick way. In the process of handling, we also need to know how to avoid obstacles and park in the right place, all we need is the accurate algorithm of the AGV forklift.

3. The structure of AGV reach trucks is sophisticated

Besides the parts of the AGV automatic moving vehicle and the void structure should also be designed well, which can make it more accurate and stable at works.

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