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Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Multiway Robotics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Industry High Quality! Leading On-site Intelligent Logistics Solutions of Multiway Robotics

Today, I will introduce to you the representatives of enterprises that have settled in the Bright Power Incubator: the on-site intelligent logistics solution provider-Multiway Robotics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The company's headquarters and factory are located in Shenzhen, with offices in Changsha, Suzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Qingdao and other places, and an overseas operation center has been established to provide service support to customers around the world.

Kefa Group, through the operation and management of the Guangming District Guidance Fund Sub-fund-Meihua Shenzhen New Potential Energy Fund, made its first investment in Multiway Robotics at the end of 2020, and introduced the company to Guangming in May this year and settled in Hengtaiyu•South China Medical Gu, made additional investment in July to provide space + finance + service support for the growth and development of mobile micro-robots.

On-site intelligent logistics integrated solutions provide assistance for ``smart manufacturing upgrades''

Multiway Robotics focuses on advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology to provide customers with complete intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics solutions. Hardware products include: various types of unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors, and storage robots; software systems include: Weiyun, WMS, WCS, on-site management systems and a variety of visual solutions, which enable complex scene applications with leading performance. Build a strong moat.


Low-level vehicle-mounted system: adopts decoupling design, logic is independent module, implementers can deploy on customer site without debugging code;

Upper-level system: The RCS dispatch system supports hundreds of different vehicles to operate at the same time to realize intelligent cluster dispatch; WMS and WCS manage the entire equipment and information flow, comprehensively predict and monitor the system status, and ensure the healthy operation of the system;

Multiway Cloud System: Provides remote equipment upgrades, unified management platform and operation and maintenance platform for data collection/feedback analysis, and can customize reports according to corporate needs, so that management decisions can be more grasped and based.

By designing the entire production business flow, providing self-owned hardware (unmanned forklifts, AMRs, unmanned tractors, storage robots) to core software RCS, WCS, WMS and other software and hardware integrated on-site intelligent logistics solutions, realize and other The interconnection between logistics equipment and warehousing equipment has moved from a single product to a systematic application, realizing overall optimization, and providing an integrated solution for on-site intelligent logistics with both cost and performance advantages.


"Product + Technology" dual-core driver

Continuous innovation is the foundation of the company's continuous growth. Based on its own core hardware products, the company has developed a variety of new products. The recently released Maizhelun α1 is one of the dazzling ones. As the industry’s first, unique patented technology, inherently high-energy, it can take two pallets at a time, and supports lateral movement, spin, turn, drift, forward and backward, etc. The ability to move towards the narrow roadway is extremely narrow, which greatly improves the use of space. It can be widely used in narrow roadway handling, ground storage operations, production line docking and other scenes.

In addition to product innovation based on the hardware product side, the company has also made major innovation breakthroughs in exploring how to integrate AI, IOT technology, and robotics technology to empower the overall solution of the vision system. For complex application scenarios, the company has developed Storage location detection, cargo inventory, pallet gesture recognition, multi-layer cage stacking, high-position storage, cargo size measurement, unmanned inventory and many other core application scenarios technologies, which greatly enhance the flexibility of the program, reduce customer costs, and increase customer investment Return rate and user experience.

Leading the industry to run out of the "acceleration" of development

In just a few years, the mobile micro-robot has rapidly grown from a handful of people to a team of nearly two hundred people. In 2021, it won the "Smart Logistics Innovation Enterprise Award", "Excellent Smart Logistics Equipment Application Case Award", "Urban Logistics Technology Innovation Excellent Case Award", "2021 China Top 10 New Entrepreneurship Enterprises", and "2021 New Urban Power List" Single”, “Capek 2020 Innovative Brand Award”, “2021 Industrial Automation and Digital Industry Annual Outstanding Product Award”, “2021 Innovative Technology Award”, “2021 Smart Logistics Industry Emerging Brand Enterprise Award” and many other awards. As far as high-tech enterprises are concerned, the growth rate is very amazing.

According to the relevant person in charge of Multiway Robotics, the business of Multiway Robotics has been rising rapidly so far. Compared with the whole year of 2020, the growth rate has exceeded 1000%. The full-year layout of 2022 has been completed and the overall progress is rapid.

High-quality projects are inseparable from high-quality space carriers. Choosing bright means choosing opportunities and hopes, and choosing potential and vitality. Meiwei Robot is the first batch of companies signed by Kefa Group to enter the Bright Power Incubator this year. From its establishment to the present, it has been focusing on the three main lines of core technology self-research, delivery capability optimization, and high-quality team building, and gradually formed Has gained its own core service advantages. In the future, Kefa Group will provide more high-quality post-investment services to the invested companies, fuel the passion of innovative companies to pursue their dreams, better serve the construction of the Bright Science City, and contribute to the development of China's smart logistics!

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