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Indoor+Outdoor: Multiway Unmanned Tractor Sets a New Benchmark for Unmanned Transportation in the Auto Parts Industry

As the global market is changing day by day, China has become the world's manufacturing center. How China's manufacturing industry, especially the auto parts industry, uses advanced automation technology to improve its own capabilities has become the focus of the development plan of auto parts enterprises. In recent years, auto parts companies have been actively transforming to intelligent manufacturing, and their demand for automated and intelligent logistics systems has continued to expand.

According to the latest reports: China's car ownership reaches 270 million vehicles. In 2021, China's car ownership is expected to surpass that of the United States, and the auto parts market will exceed 600 billion yuan.

With the continuous improvement of the scale and quality requirements of the auto parts industry, while enterprises pay attention to the automation of production and logistics, their requirements for intelligent production are gradually increasing. Recently, the Multiway Robotics has provided an all-weather and all-scene unmanned automated low tractor handling solution for a domestic professional commercial wheel hub, brake disc, brake drum research and development and manufacturing auto parts company, and a world-renowned cylinder block and cylinder head manufacturer. Realizing the full-scene coverage of indoor to outdoor, production line to warehouse, and connect and combine with other mechanical carriers can meet the demand for traction and transportation of large tonnage goods.

Ⅰ. Background

1. Handling materials: engine block, cylinder head, crankcase.

2. Use scenario: the warehouse is separated from the workshop, and the transportation distance is 500 meters indoors and 1000 meters outdoors.

3. Handling process: the warehouse blanks are sent to the workshop, and the finished products of the workshop are moved into the warehouse.

Ⅱ. Demand

1. Cost input: long handling distance, 24h uninterrupted production, two shifts, high labor cost;

2. Information traceability: it is impossible to realize the linkage of material distribution information, and it is impossible to trace the information;

3. Future planning: Intelligent planning requirements for the new factory and layout for the next 10 years of development.

Ⅲ. Solutions

1. Product selection: unmanned outdoor tractor MW-OSP60.

2. System configuration: dispatching system RCS + docking system WCS (WMS).

Ⅳ. Efficiency

1. Labor cost

It operates all-weather uninterruptedly, and one vehicle replaces two people, intelligently replacing the traditional manual operation mode, saving labor costs and realizing the automation of indoor and outdoor cargo production line transshipment logistics, and the handling efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Operation efficiency

Efficient time to meet the needs, avoiding manual operations without supervision, the overall efficiency has been increased by 10%, and the entire handling process time has been reduced by 8% on the original basis.

3. Security

Safety sensor, control system double-layer protection, support laser radar, anti-collision strip, 3D vision, photoelectric sensor, sound and light warning and other safety protection sensor are installed, and once an obstacle invades, remote alarm is available, close-range deceleration to stop is available.

4. Visual management

Open up each production process, realize the traceability, early warning, and control of production data, docking with the customer's existing WCS (WMS) system, and traceable whole-process paperless operation and information management and control.

The intelligent manufacturing plant promotes the upgrade of production line logistics automation, and realizes the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of labor costs with machine substitution. As one of the leading logistics robotics companies, Multiway Robotics will continue to promote the transformation and development of smart manufacturing and smart logistics in the automotive and auto parts industry.

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