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In the Safety Month, Safety is Upgraded Again! Multi-layer Protection System of Multiway Robotics Builds a Strong Line of Defense

Logistics handling equipment plays an important role in the daily operations of warehouses and factories. As the main equipment for production transfer and warehouse storage, forklifts have seen a significant increase in demand in recent years, and their inventory has increased year by year. However, the accident risk rate in material handling has remained high, which has become a major obstacle to the development of enterprises.

With the automatic upgrading of industries, the application of unmanned forklifts/AMR in the fields of automation of factory and robots in warehouse logistics are increasing year by year. Safety is particularly important. Although each unmanned forklift/AMR has design standards, the application scenarios are often different, which also leads to different considerations for the safety of unmanned forklifts. In a complex working environment, working with people, vehicles and other means of transportation will produce countless logistics and transportation solutions, and the difficulty of collaboration between equipment will also increase. Only with strong safety guarantee can the whole process run smoothly and the production efficiency can be improved.

What measures have Multiway Robotics, as a leading provider of on-site intelligent logistics solutions, made in the prevention of safety risks of unmanned forklifts/AMR? How to achieve 360° all-round three-dimensional protection to make production safe and worry-free?

1. Safety sensor of unmanned forklift for protection

(1) Voice warning

During the operation of the vehicle, announce the driving status of the vehicle in advance through voice, and give safety reminders such as "Please pay attention to safety when turning left and right", "Please pay attention to lifting operations", and "Please pay attention to safety when reversing."

(2) Driving width lamp

During the driving process, both sides and the front of the vehicle are equipped with driving width lamps to indicate the operating area of the unmanned forklift. In the scenario of human-machine interaction, it reminds personnel to avoid.

(3) Obstacle avoidance radar

360°safety radar for detection and protection adopts technologies of point cloud obstacle avoidance, forward simulation algorithm, self-measurement of obstacle distance, autonomous planning of walking speed. The acceleration and deceleration process of the vehicle is smooth and stable without speed changes.

(4) Safe touch edge

The vehicle is equipped with a ring-shaped electronic edge. Once the electronic edge is slightly squeezed, it will immediately trigger the vehicle to stop and give an alarm.

(5) Emergency stop button

A number of emergency stop buttons are installed around the vehicle body, and personnel can immediately trigger the emergency stop in an emergency.

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2. The control system of unmanned forklift for protection

When there are obstacles, the control system immediately triggers a deceleration stop; the hardware has adopted the redundancy design, so once the control system has a problem, the hardware system will directly brake the vehicle.

(1) Remote parking

The system is equipped with a remote one-button parking function. In an emergency, the staff can park remotely through the handheld terminal.

(2) Protection against deviate path

If the vehicle deviates from the navigation system, the system immediately triggers a stop and gives an alarm.

(3) Protection against abnormal positioning

If the current position is inconsistent with the preset point, the system immediately triggers a stop and gives an alarm.

(4) Protection against communication failure

If the communication between the vehicle and the on-site work network is interrupted, the system immediately triggered a stop and gives an alarm.

(5) Protection against component failure

If any part of the vehicle body fails, the system immediately triggers a stop and gives an alarm.

3. Safety protection assisted by the vision system

Based on deep learning, big data and AI algorithms, it provides assistance in the detection and monitoring of storage location, warns of potential safety hazards such as illegal intrusion of personnel and improper operations, and alarms for deviations of cargo storage location exceeding preset values.

Efficient and high-quality development is inseparable from the necessary condition of safety. A safe workplace is inseparable from manufacturers. It also requires the joint efforts of integrators, end users, and customers. Multiway Robotics is willing to work together with all partners to ensure safe production.

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