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How Much Do You Know about AMR Mobile Robot?

1. AMR mobile robot is more flexible than traditional AGVs

Compared with the traditional AGVs, the Multiway Robotics is capable of safe navigation without using magnetic stripe on the ground or wall-mounted beacons. It is not affected by obstacles, autonomously evading obstacles, and requires no human intervention. The operation is more flexible and the total cost is lower and the agv robot price varies from type to type.

2. AMR robot can easily perform a variety of tasks

Multiway Robotics' solutions are extremely flexible and can be used to perform a variety of tasks and applications. The product also has scalability, such as integrated manipulator, integrated collaborative robot, integrated conveyor belt, integrated belt lock box, etc. And it is easy to adapt to the assembly station such as cleanroom, loading dock, warehouse and another changing environment.

3. AMR mobile robot is easy to install.

In addition to its powerful performance, Multiway Robotics are easy to install and run without any construction (such as magnetic stripe installation) and require little programming. Besides, the software can be integrated with your other systems to get the solution up and running in the shortest possible period. You can check more details about autonomous mobile robots companies.

4. AMR mobile robot empowers smart logistics with security

Based on the essential requirement of safety and reliability, through reasonable hardware and software design, it meets the safety level requirements of open warehousing logistics scene. Therefore, Multiway Robotics and the three-dimensional warehouse is the first time to initiate a storage robot system in the industry, automatic stacker, robot pallet mover and unmanned forklift robot have high compatibility, high capacity and high profitability, high automation, high flexibility, high reliability, and many other advantages. And it dock with the various types of storage equipment, forming a set of "combination" with better effect. And it fill the industrial gap at the same time, which can effectively solve the trouble for the consumers, leading to a satisfying reputation

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