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How Does the Multiway Robot Deal with Complex Scenarios and Technical Challenges?

Since 2022, facing the further deepening of market demand, the industry will develop in the direction of standardization and scale. At the same time, the service model is more flexible, and there are new requirements for enterprises in terms of technology and product response. Through product strength and service strength, Multiway Robot builds comprehensive competitiveness and matches different complex scenarios.

Ⅰ. The hard core strength of unmanned forklifts is unstoppable

1. The most complete series of unmanned forklifts in the industry. The software system covers the core sensors at the bottom layer, the core algorithms, and the upper layer system. The whole set of end-to-end solutions forms an integrated delivery platform to cover the needs of fragmented scenarios.

2. The industry's first two-handling Maizhelun α1, which satisfies the triple pursuit of aesthetics, performance and efficiency; small body, large energy, small King Kong X1500, unique performance advantages.

3. The product system is reliable. In addition to the necessary strict quality inspection, each product must also pass the high-standard MTBF trouble-free inspection test to ensure safe and stable operation.

4. Breakthrough in the self-developed core algorithm, the maximum lifting height of the unmanned forklift can reach 10 meters, and the positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm for one positioning and ±2mm for secondary positioning.


Ⅱ. Unmanned forklifts deal with complex scenes calmly

The software and hardware integrated delivery platform meets the diversified needs of complex scenarios in different industries. Whether it is to solve all aspects of warehouses and factories from receiving goods to storage to transshipment and putting on shelves, line-end distribution to automated three-dimensional storage, or to deal with various complex handling scenarios such as cage stacking, high-level access, man-machine mixing, and unmanned loading and unloading vehicles.

Modular product deployment, platform system delivery, continuous value provision, and excellent complex scene service capabilities have helped win many benchmark customers across industries, and have landed in batches of more than 20 industry complex scenarios.

Ⅲ. The intelligent brain of the unmanned forklift operates efficiently

The advantages of high intelligence in vehicle operation, real-time communication with vehicles through the dispatching system, the realization of multi-path optimal planning in the map model and vehicle cluster scheduling, can also dynamically display the working position and operating status of each vehicle, optimize traffic control and task information, and avoid congestion path job. Through the linkage with other automation systems on site and the seamless connection of upstream and downstream equipment and systems, the global optimal path navigation planning is realized.

Ⅳ. Unmanned forklift safety protection operation worry-free

The unmanned vehicle has triple safety protection to protect the safety of work at all times. Through safety sensors, algorithm control system protection, visual system auxiliary protection and other aspects to improve vehicle safety, to meet the safety protection of complex working conditions.

High-efficiency, high-quality and safe operations rely on the technical advantages of the vision system of Multiway Robot, covering the whole area of business dynamic monitoring, and the collaboration between vehicles, roads and car factories, realizing intelligent and automated logistics in the field, and ensuring safe and stable operations.

1. Using laser SLAM navigation technology as the mainstay, combined with positioning methods such as visual SLAM, reflectors, and QR codes, it can flexibly adapt to different application scenarios without scene modification, adapt to changing work scenarios, and meet the changing needs of production lines.

2. Support functional technologies such as map construction, path planning, automatic charging, automatic operation, traffic control, coordinated docking, coordinated linkage, cluster scheduling, etc., fully automatic operation without human intervention.

3. Use machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to create a flexible solution "Sky Eye Vision System Solution", and develop "pallet gesture recognition", "storage location detection", "visual inventory", "clamping and stretching", "no The core complex adaptive scene technologies such as "man loading and unloading trucks" have greatly improved the flexibility and adaptability of the solution.

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