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How Does Multiway Robotics Protect the Rights of Customers?

With the rapid development of modern industrial production, innovations in robot technology and products emerge in an endless stream, and the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing has become an important measure for more and more enterprises to achieve leapfrog development. Among the many companies that provide robot products, how to make the best choice, find suitable and high-quality products, and better protect their own rights and interests.

Want to know how Multiway Robotics serves customers before, during and after sales from product quality and delivery? Next, let's walk into Multiway Robotics and reveal the "cool technology" of intelligent logistics!unmanned-forklift-2-1.jpg

Ⅰ. As the planning department of the solution, the general design of the solution production is generally received from customer needs. From the perspective of the whole process of unmanned forklift service, what steps will it go through?

Planning engineer: For the planning department, from receiving customer requirements to complete project delivery, it mainly consists of the following steps:

1. Sort out and optimize the process and plan, and evaluate the project plan requirements and technical feasibility;

2. System docking, project design simulation and two-way analysis of key technical points;

3. Importing matching project solutions will provide solutions for targeted mobile robots and complete peripheral equipment considering the customer's budget and the applicability of the solution;

4. Project implementation and delivery, on-site implementation, training and maintenance support;

5. After the project is delivered and operated, the acceptance report, return visit analysis, and continuous technology upgrade and maintenance will be carried out.

The planning department will sort out and introduce the scheme covering the whole life cycle of the project to ensure that the rights and interests of customers are fully guaranteed in every link.


Ⅱ. For consumers, the most important thing about robots is the quality of products, the stability and safety of unmanned forklifts during operation, etc. How does Multiway ensure product quality and safety?

R&D Engineer: From the perspective of quality control, Multiway has its own set of strict quality standards. Before leaving the factory, each vehicle needs to be strictly checked and accepted. In addition to the inspection items, it must also pass the high-standard MTBF trouble-free inspection test.

In terms of safety, it is mainly reflected in the obstacle avoidance function. Multiway's safety system includes system level, active safety level and passive safety level.


System level: It has a real-time monitoring mechanism to maintain all sensors and devices in the whole vehicle. Once there is a problem with the device, it will directly stop and hold the brake to avoid secondary accidents;

Active safety level: a combination of sound and light is adopted, for example, a safe area projected by each vehicle on the ground to avoid the harm of ghost probes to personnel;

Passive safety level: The most stable radar is used for obstacle avoidance, and it also provides the synergy of other sensor fusion technologies.


Ⅲ. The delivery link is the most important link for consumers. Whether it is the speed of on-site deployment or the follow-up service of unmanned forklifts, it is related to the customer's service experience. How to protect the rights and interests of customers in the delivery link?

Delivery engineer: After receiving the project, the delivery engineer will provide one-to-one on-site implementation services. According to the complexity of the project, the degree of cooperation of the customer, and the professionalism of the delivery personnel, the delivery time will be different, usually 1- It can be completed within 3 months, but under Multiway's strict delivery standardization process, it can be delivered on a weekly basis, and once created a record of 1 implementation engineer, at the customer site, 2 days for acceptance.

In addition, Multiway adopts the strategy of system platformization and algorithm universalization in terms of product definition, product development, and even engineering methodology. For each vehicle, the underlying vehicle system adopts a decoupling design, and the logic is an independent module, which can be deployed without debugging code; the self-calibration system and adaptive system ensure the flexibility of delivery and cost reduction, and further provide value to customers.


Ⅳ. Customer service of unmanned forklift trucks is the closest part to customers before and after sales. The quality of customer service also directly affects customer satisfaction. How does the market customer service department conduct customer inquiries, complaints and suggestions, return visits, and after-sales return visits? Woolen cloth?

Customer service: After the customer calls, they are prompted to select the corresponding service according to their needs, usually the business information section and the complaint suggestion section. Entering the business consultation section, you need to choose whether to transfer to each professional department according to the customer's questions; enter the complaint suggestion section, the complaint handling personnel will answer and record, and reflect the customer's complaint to the relevant department for processing, and promise the customer within a certain period of time. Telephone interviews.

Our department will regularly follow up on customer complaints and conduct customer satisfaction surveys. If customers are not satisfied, they will continue to supervise relevant units to improve services.


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